Pink and Boy

In the wee hours of Friday morning, Buddy woke me up to tell me his eye hurt. He had pink eye. Which meant I was staying home Friday. Friday morning, I took him to the doctor, then Walgreens to pick up his eye drops.

At one point this weekend, I informed Buddy it was time for his eye drops. His response was "No, nevah nevah nevah!" Who says boys aren't dramatic?

It's not often that I have some "extended time" with only one of the little clowns, and Buddy and I had a good day hanging out together. Buddy is working on becoming a bit more independent, but has plenty of "clingy" moments with me because of it. Our extended time has sort of carried over to the rest of the weekend.

Saturday morning, I woke up with a sinus infection... and pink eye. I slept until my doctor's office opened, showered and headed over for my diagnosis and prescriptions. It seems that both Buddy and I have the same symptoms for the pink eye and the "yuck" that we've been fighting off for a week.

When I got home, I asked Buddy if anyone had given him his eye drops.
"Did someone give you your eye drops today?"
"Oh, good. Who?"

Buddy and I have been running errands while the girls were busy at home. At Sam's Club, we picked up some gum for Hubby. The gum packaging happens to be blue. When I mentioned to Buddy I needed gum too, he pointed to the bubble gum and said "Pink is for girls, Mom. You need to get that one."

Saturday afternoon, I was still feeling a bit cruddy, and laid down for a bit of a nap in my chair. Buddy buzzed all around me. Sitting next to me, climbing on me, getting toys from his room, bringing them back, and just being a three year old boy. I wasn't upset, but I wasn't giving up my nap either. I eventually fell asleep when he wandered off for a bit. When I woke up, I was laying on my side in the chair. Buddy was laying across me with his head on the arm of the chair, and he was completely asleep, too.

This weekend, I've had many moments to fully appreciate my youngest clown, and I've enjoyed every one of them.

Today, I'm home with all the little clowns while Hubby is out and about on his motorcycle with friends. I've promised them some sort of craft today, and I've been wanting to make cookies for a while. I'm also hoping to clean up the inside of the externally flameless Mommyvan at some point. Right now, though, we're all sitting around in our jammies after a slapdash kind of breakfast.

Whatever happens today, it's been a really nice weekend.


wordgirl said...

It rained here. A lot. All of the time. So...boring.

Laura said...

Your weekend sounds better than mine. Well, except for the sinus pain and the pink eye! :) I leave soon to start my shift of 6 hours of burger flipping and hotdog tossing for a band fundraiser... eck.

And Kelly, in the post below, I LOVE the way you did your hair for your friends wedding. You looked beautiful!!

Lynn said...

Buddy sounds like a wonderful boy, Kelli. I hope you both get well very soon and I'm glad the weekend turned out well.

Brudder doug said...

We had four kids ramming around, the littlest was usually the one who picked up "Pink Eye" at school. Eventually we all had it.
I was a water analyst at the power plant, but couldn't seem to keep things sanitary enough to prevent the spread.
Eventually though Heather and I tightened things up enough that we all recovered.

I hope your session with Pink Eye is not so harassing.

Wheee, though, none of our kids got lice and there were those in their school who did.

eclectic said...

Awwwww.... that Buddy steals my heart! Glad you had a nice weekend, Kel, even with the crud!! Hope you and Buddy are on the mend now.

LadyBug said...

What a nice post. I love those one-on-one moments with the kiddos. Love and hugs to you and your clowns, CK.

Ortizzle said...

Sweet! I love how Buddy agreed that 'somebody' had given him eyedrops and then stated that this person was 'nobody.' Too cute.

Hope you are recovering from pink eye.

Circus Kelli said...

Wordgirl - Even in the rain, it's never boring here.

Laura - How did the burger flipping go? :) Thank you for your comments on my hair. :)

Lynn - He is wonderful, most of the time. We're both feeling better, too. Hugs.

Brudder - I *think* we've headed it off...

Eclectic - Mine too. More heart-stealing moments will be posted soon.

Ladybug - Love and hugs right back at you and yours!

Ortizzle - It was cute and made me laugh out loud.

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