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I'm taking a break from folding a mountain of laundry to post a few tidbits I've jotted down in the last two weeks. (That's a lame way of saying this week has been crazy and I don't have a real post, but I really want to put something on this blog! I'll post some of the pictures I've taken in the last couple of weeks sometime this weekend.)

It's in the air
On the way to the circus' monthly haircut appointment this week, the air inside the enclosed vehicle was suddenly laced with poo smell. Hubby asked "Ok... who farted?" ALL THREE KIDS (at the same time) said "I DID!" It couldn't have been any funnier if they had rehearsed it.

As the littles and I arrived home recently, Punkin was anxious to show us the ants that had found their way into our home. Each year at the beginning of the warmer weather, the ants come into our foyer and party down. Hubby sprayed something and murdered them all before we got home.

As we came up the walk, Punkin began telling me "Mom, look at all these ants that came in! I know exactly where they're coming in, too!"

It was at this point that Sweet Pea piped up "Yeah, me too. They're coming from outside."

Chevy vs. Ford
Our family is a Ford family. Hubby has brain-washed encouraged the kids to like Fords (not Chevys), the Chicago White Sox (not the Cubs), and the Chicago Bears (not the Green Bay Packers).

As we drove around in the Expedition the other day, we were discussing the types of vehicles that were in traffic with us. "Eww, a GMC. We don't like GMCs.", says Sweet Pea.

Buddy chimes in with "I like Chevys", then grins one of his Daddy's grins.

Without skipping a beat, Sweet Pea says "Ok Dad. Pull on over, you'll have to let Buddy out on the side of the road."

Role Reversal
Hubby doesn't exactly get what I find so appealing about this whole blogging thing, and is always (rightfully) cautious about the "Eugenes" and "axe murderers" I "know" on the internet.

Last week, Hubby put the motorcycle he was selling on eBay with the idea that whomever buys it will come to our house (to pick up the motorcycle). I told him I didn't think I approved of the idea of people he meets over the internet coming to our house...

Too much
You know the kids have watched a movie too much when they're listening to the soundtrack and chime in with the narrative (that's only on the movie) when a song on the CD ends. "... and love became the egg..." (from Happy Feet)

As I was studying for my exam last week, I could hear the kids playing in the backyard. The littles apparently weren't cooperating the way Punkin would have liked them to. I heard Punkin say "You're the meanest siblings I've ever had!"


Susie said...

I love stuff and nonsense. A most delightful post :)

Nilbo said...

Eugene WOULD say that. He's still trying to lure you to him. He's already got a place for you in his crawl space. But you're safe for now - apparently some trusting soul put a motorcycle up for sale and has invited him over ...

Brudder doug said...

Those pooh smell comments still has me cackling. And I can see you and hubby trying to keep a straight face.

AH, life as it is lived in the Three Ring Circus - - - - -
Delightfuly Sis.

Ortizzle said...


Eugene said...


I farted, too.

Ortizzle said...


Susie said...


Brudder doug said...

I second the motion Sis,


And that is a shout !

eclectic said...

Happy Mother's Day, to one of my favorite mothers, CK!!!

MrPhred said...


Circus Kelli said...

Susie - I love you.

Nilbo - Oh, you very funny man...

Brudder - Who was trying to keep a straight face? :)

Ortizzle - Bwahahahaha!

Eugene - Good lord...

Ortizzle - Nice come back!

Susie - Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

Brudder - Thank you!

Eclectic - Happy Mother's Day right back at you, darlin!

MrPhred - Ain't they somethin?

WILLIAM said...

Hi Ck, I hope you had a nice Mother's day.

Bone Machine said...

"Careful with that axe, Eugene."
--Pink Floyd

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