WWC: Heat, Rejoice

Time again for the Weekly Words Challenge!


Hubby and I finally had a chance to go for a ride together on his new motorcycle. It was a very sunny and hot day, so I remembered the sunscreenon my arms and shoulders. It would seem I forgot my face, though.


These two characters are perched atop the cubicle wall of my coworker, Mo. They look to me like they are dancing, celebrating and having a good time up there. Even though they make me smile every time I walk past them, I'm just as equally tempted to flick them off their perch. I wouldn't do it, though. That would just be mean... right?

Next week's words are "Pure" and "Shadow".

Don't forget to stop by OddMix's place to see who else played!


Ortizzle said...

Ouch! Looks like pink is a recurring theme on your blog, C.K., LOL.

I love the 'Rejoice' figures. I used to work in a 'cubby' and when I was going through a rough time, I brought my Goofy doll to work and stuck him in a corner to keep me company. And to comfort me. And to remind me that it's never as bad as it seems sometimes. :-)

Andy Lester said...

"I'm an ogre!"


"Oh my"

"I'm an ogre!"


"Oh my"

Repeat ad nauseum

Nilbo said...

Yet another reason to avoid motorcycles. They make your face all pink.

Brudder doug said...

Sis, don't know if I could stand those figures on the rail of the cubby early in the work day. Too cheerful, much too cheerful. It'd take at least two cups of brown transfusion to make them bearable.

Happy Motorcyclist ? Bugs on the teeth. I remember those days.

Circus Kelli said...

Ortizzle - I'm noticing that myself. Completely unintentional, I assure you.

Andy - Until last night, I had no idea that Shrek figure made noise. Now the clowns each have one.

Nilbo - I'm pretty sure it was the SUN that made my face pink rather than the motorcycle.

Brudder - Now that I know that little Shrek makes noise, perhaps I'll have to make it belch whenever I go by... either that, or flick it off.

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