WWC: Playing Catch Up

It's been so long since I played WWC, or "Weekend Words Challenge" that John of Odd Mix changed the game on me. It's now the Weekly Words Challenge." Either way, I have some catching up to do:


Whenever being here in the office, scheduling meetings and shuffling papers gets me down, this is the picture I look at. I just stare at it for a bit and imagine being on that beach there, walking along the water. Feeling the sun warm my skin and the breeze blow through my hair... then my phone rings and I get back to work.


I'm so glad I took pictures of this beautifully blooming crabapple tree in our backyard neighbor's yard. It was so nice to look out my kitchen window and seeing this. Unfortunately, the wind came along and blew all the blossoms off the tree like it was a great big fuzzy dandelion. What it looked like two weeks ago is just a memory.


I usually pass through this "crossroads" at least twice a day. We have plenty of crossroads around here, but none without a whole lot of traffic. The county is growing fast.


This past weekend, I attended my friend's wedding. We have been friends since the second day of our freshman year in high school. Last Saturday, she committed her life to her now husband. I wish them the very best of everything.


Time passes, time flies, time drags... but you won't be spending any of it parked here.


I recently attended a parent/teacher conference for Buddy. (Yes, he is in preschool. Yes, they have parent/teacher conferences). His teacher gave me some of his artwork from the past year. This piece is from last October, there is a note on it that says "demonstrates proper use of writing instruments" on the back. He had to complete the phrase "If I could fly, I would fly to..." Someday, when he's all grown up, his answer will remain in my Mommy heart. "If I could fly, I would fly to Mommy."

Now that I'm caught up, I'll be playing WWC again regularly. It's easy! If you'd like to play, do so! Next week's words are "Heat" and "Rejoice".

Don't forget to stop by OddMix's place to see who else played!


Ortizzle said...

All great thoughts, but I have to say I loved the 'fly to Mommy' one, too. Just don't show it to your son's bride when he gets ready to 'commit'!

On another note... you could have just used your new blog deco for 'imagination.' Very cool, and 'in the pink.'

Circus Kelli said...

Thank you, Ortizzle! :)

oddmix said...

"I would fly to Mommy." How wonderful to hear such a thing from one's child. You are very blessed, CK, and your son's statement is a testament to how good a Mommy you must be.

Congrats on getting all caught up! Nicely done.

WILLIAM said...

Again, I love you WWC pictures. and as always I like the new look.

Susie said...

I love the new look, and I love Buddy's flying to you. That goes in the keeping box for sure.

You know, kids are just better on the internet.

Anonymous said...

you looked beautiful!!!! Hope you and hubby had a GREAT time!!!! -Chocolate K

Brudder doug said...

I guess it starts with Forsythia and then various fruit trees come into bloom, and in there the Lilacs perfuse the air with perfume and color. Unfortunately we must appreciate the splendor because they last much too short a time.

Like your new look on the blog, I gained too many pounds on a chocolate diet.

Buddy is a terrific winner, bless his heart.

eclectic said...

Oh, if I could fly, I'd fly to see Buddy's mommy, too!!!

Effie said...

i finally posted!

And that pic of flying to Mommy just nearly made me tear up!

Loving the look--Aaaah, Paris

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