Here's yer sign

If you're waiting for a sign -- here ya go... take yer pick:

Left, Straight or Right Only -- There's no going back

If they really didn't want you trespassing, they should have made this sign bigger so you can read it better from a distance. I'm just sayin...

This magazine sat on the table outside my boss' office for two weeks. I can't tell you how much this cover disturbed me.

Oh, thank goodness!

While perusing the local paper online recently, I saw this picture taken of a fire in an apartment building. You might not be able to read the smaller print, but it says "Heat and Water Included."

The ultimate sign -- Marketing designed to be a cross between a plea for money and one of those forwarded emails that promises your greatest wish will come true if only you pass it on. This is a picture of the back of an envelope which reads, "Dear Jesus, We pray that you will bless someone in this home spiritually, physically and financially. And please Dear Lord, bless the one who's hands open this letter. Make good changes in this one's life and give them the desires of their heart. We pray over and bless this letter in your holy name. AMEN." -- Seriously?! I'm not against giving to the church, or religion in general, but this...?

This is still my favorite sign.


wordgirl said...

Letters like that one you received are what give organized religion (namely Christianity) its schlocky reputation. I like the sign about HOPE best too.

Susie said...

And Lord, bless the person who puts a picture of this crazy-ass envelope on her blog, too.
I have a sign just like that last one, and it's on my car mirror, too. I copied you.

eclectic said...

I have the HOPE sign, too. I love it! And I'm going to copy you and Susie and move it from my kitchen to my car mirror.

Nilbo said...

"Officer, I would have been going the speed limit, but I didn't see the sign because of the huge-ass dangly thing on my mirror. Any chance I can get off with a warning? No hope at all, eh? Damn."

I love the traffic directional sign ... anything that confuses people makes me giggle ...

WILLIAM said...

I like the Hope sign too. I plan to move mine to Nilbo's rear view mirror.

Laura said...

Blame the Scientologists! There are hundreds of them around here and they like to come to the door with letters like that one. I always answer the door saying "Hells Bells! are you back AGAIN?!" (they all look alike to me).

And add me to the list of the Hope sign lovers! I need some hope around here, bad!

Bone Machine said...

I wish that I'd had the dexterity to snap a shot of the directional signs on the Lloyd Expressway in Evansville on Saturday. Some arrows to the right, some to the left, and it looks like it encourages folks to merge to the middle.

Ortizzle said...

Hope is good. So is knowing which way to turn. So I think the "hope" sign should be hanging off of the traffic sign. This will also keep people from wrecking their cars because the "hope sign" is blocking their vision.

Brudder doug said...

Hope and pray,
Is the way, they say,
Nor would I say nay.

Hope in the soul and heart,
Is the start.

Speaking of street signs, what is more confusing than the ever multiplying round-abouts ?

Lynn said...

What wordgirl said.

And yes, that IS a disturbing magazine cover.

Circus Kelli said...

Wordgirl - Heh, Amen. :)

Susie - Thank you, Copycat!

Eclectic - Copycat Copycatter

Nilbo - Yer jus' jealous cuz you don't have one.

William - Ha! Good one!

Laura - Hahaha! I'm going to start answering my door like that, no matter who shows up. :)

Bone - Sounds like a confusing place.

Ortizzle - Hee hee! But what if someone took it off the traffic sign? Then hope would be lost!

Brudder - Hope is the start. :)

Lynn - Amen to you, too! :)

eclectic said...

I love me some pink frosted cookies. And I love me some tunes! And I love me some "quiet games"!! But mostly?? I love me some you!!! You are too kind to me, and it came on a day when I could use some kindness. I'm just so thankful!! But quit making me cry, okay?

Bone Machine said...

It might have just been my natural confusion. I run on high octane confusion.

Circus Kelli said...

Eclectic - Yay! That makes me happy!

Bone - I've heard there is a new form of confusion that runs on corn. It's marketed as "cornfusion"...

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