More Little Bits from the Big Top

-- What Rocks --
"Dad, Fords ROCK! Chevys unrock..."

-- Circus Slang --
As we were cruising around town in the family truckster, something in our conversation caused Punkin to respond with "Sweeet."
Sweet Pea then chimed in with an echoed "Sweet."
Not to be left out, Buddy added his two cents: "Feeeeet."

-- Getting it right --
Buddy was walking around the other day with his blanket wrapped around his torso, and draping down to the floor...
"Do you like my dess, Mom?"
"Oh yes, it's a pretty dress, Buddy."
"No, Mom! It's a handsome dress."

-- Alphabet Soup --
Driving to a family function in the family truckster, Hubby missed the turn and made a "U" turn in a nearby parking lot.
Sweet Pea asked "What are you doing Daddy?"
"Making a "Y turn"." (He'll switch stuff up like that all the time, calling it a a "Y" turn instead of a "U" turn...)
Heh. Exactly.

-- Where do they come up with these things? --
There's nothing like seeing your three year old boy running around without a shirt on, stop in front of you, raise up his arms like he's "making muscles" and kiss each of his upper arms in turn where his muscles will be someday, then grin at you like a nut and go running off.

-- Birthday Wishes --
Sweet Pea on what she wants for her birthday next month:
"I would like a pony for my birthday."
"Oh, honey. We don't have room for a pony."
"Ok, I want a baby horse then."

-- Apples don't fall far --
In the middle of dinner one night last week, Sweet Pea looked at me and said:
"Mom, you have a big mouth. Your mouth is big, Mom."
Now, if that isn't a bit of the pot calling the kettle black...

-- Chain Reaction --
One night, I was sitting on the kitchen floor my back against the cabinets, my knees up with Buddy on my lap. He was leaning back, so his head was over the "hill" of my knees. We were laughing and being silly when I tickled his belly. He laughed and immediately came up to curl in a ball, but in doing so, his forehead smacked into my cheekbone, which caused me to lurch back and smack the back of my head into the kitchen cabinet I was leaning against. There was a small red mark on his forehead, and I could tell he felt the impact, too. As the pain was subsiding, he looked at me, took my face in his hands and said "I sorry, Mom..." and kissed me on my cheek.

-- Best Smile of the Day --
When a "salesman" (of approximately 17 years of age) came to the door the other night selling those coupon books. As I walked to our open front door screen, this rather astute salesman asked "Is your Mom or Dad at home?"

I laughed and said "I'm the Mom..."

The surprise on his face looked genuine (and right now, I'm choosing to believe it was thankyouverymuch). I still didn't buy what he was selling, though.

-- Sunday Breakfast --
Scene: Mom and Dad lounging in bed; Dad watching television, Mom trying very hard to get back to sleep -- bed surrounded by three very awake and active little clowns.

Buddy Clown: Mom, can we eat?
Dad: What? No, you ate yesterday.
Sweet Pea Clown: What? You want us to be healthy, right? We need to eat breakfast to be healthy.
Mom: Right, and what did you want for breakfast this morning?
Sweet Pea Clown: Donuts.

-- What having three little clowns can be like sometimes --

(inspired by Odd Mix)

Enjoy your weekend!


Brudder doug said...

Heh, Fords rock, Chevvys wreck ?

I'll have to try Buddy's trick and kiss where my muscles once were.
Prolly will work better for him.

The circus is in town,
Efalumps gather roun'
In each ring a clown,
And the band plays on !

Circus Kelli said...

Brudder - You know it!

eclectic said...

That photo!!! They're EVERYWHERE!!!! I do know that feeling. What a great combo shot!

Oh and for the record, Fords do NOT rock; neither do Chevys, or Dodges. Only Toyotas rock. Because that's what Middle Eclectic says. Actually, he informs me, "Toyotas rock HARRRRD." Because Mr. Eclectic drives a Tacoma, and apparently that's all it takes. ;)

Susie said...

None of our vehicles rock. Although this conversation does call to mind that '70s slogan, "Don't come a knockin'..." Not that my mini-van rocks.

This was a fun post. You are over-run with children. You need to get someone in to take care of that.

Brudder doug said...

Ah, the picture you added after I had a look.

Masterful Sis.
Now it is a six ring Circus !

Effie said...

I can't wait until my little one feels like 20 littles all at once...

and they are so CUUUUUTE--er, I mean HANDSOME!

WILLIAM said...

Are you sure you did not buy anything from the coupn sales man?

Ortizzle said...

I think I'm going to start making "Y" turns. Very sensible, particularly since many of the U-turns I make do resemble a Y.

And as for the young lad wanting to know if your parents were home... I think I would have bought whatever that kid was selling, LOL.

Lynn said...

I hate to admit it, but... I would have totally suckered by that saleman.

MrPhred said...

Hilarious! Best chuckle I had all day!

Brudder doug said...

Just thinking, a Wye (train tracks in the shape of a Y) is what allows a train to come into town travel the Y and be headed out for the next go. From the main rail switch onto a leg of the Y, go to the end, switch to the next leg and put in reverse.
Back to the end, put it in forward and switch to the last leg of the wye and you end up having reversed your train on a single line track coming into town. TMI ? ? ? ? ?
So a Y turn is logical !

Bone Machine said...


Ah yes!

(There are some righteous quotes in the post, too)

Oh, The Joys said...

Those are great!

(or should I say, Feeeeeeeeet!)

Gina said...

Too much cuteness! I'm having a hard time recovering from that post and all the cuteness!

Lynn said...

OMG, Kelli!! You rock!! This place is absolutely fabulous! I just love this. This is nicer than anything else you have done with this blog so far, and THAT is saying something. Damn, you're good!

Circus Kelli said...

Eclectic - I knew you'd be able to relate. :)

Susie - My minivan doesn't rock either... and yeah, we need someone to come and take care of the children... you busy?

Brudder - And then some!

Effie - It'll happen before you know it. :)

William - I'm sure.

Ortizzle - I considered it.

Lynn - Hee hee!

MrPhred - You can come on over for a laugh anytime!

Brudder - Don't encourage him.

Bone - Dooooonuttts

OhTheJoys - Totally feet. ;)

Gina - A wise friend of mine once said "Kids are so much better on the internet"


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