WWC: Fire, Water

Time again for the Weekly Words Challenge!


Flames, baby -- mah favorite pillow


Water reflects hope
can you see the rainbow?

Hope in the sky

Next week's words are "Thought" and "Spirit".

Don't forget to stop by OddMix's place to see who else played!


eclectic said...

Oh, I love the hope in the sky!!! And your flaming pillow!!!

Susie said...

It's a DOUBLE wainbow!
And it took me a minute to figure out the body parts on the flaming pillow. But I did.

Circus Kelli said...

Eclectic - Me too!

Susie - It IS a double wainbow! We must have twice as much hope here... ;)

WILLIAM said...

The picture of the rainbow deck is so cool.

Effie said...

"Wain, wain, go away, come again another day. Little Katie wants to play..."

I'm lovin your deck pic...

do you know any results yet?

Platypus said...

Had to stop by to see if you'd had your results. Great pictures! :)

oddmix said...

Yeah, did you get your results?

*psst - what results?*

Great picture of the reflected rainbow.

Amy said...

I LOVE the pic of the wet deck. Beauty.

Sharkey said...

Yes, the wet deck pic is definitely a winner--very cool.

I, like Susie, also had difficulty decipering the body parts in the pillow photo. It scared me a little at first, but then I figured it out.

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

*sees the Skittles commercial, changes channel*

Circus Kelli said...

Mr B - What you got against Skittles?

Sharkey - I'm sorry my legs scared you... I shaved 'em and everything!

Amy - Thank you!

OddMix - Thank you! Results from the CPS exam I took at the beginning of May. I should know if I passed "any day now."

Platy - Thank you! Nothin' yet!

Effie - Thanks! No results yet. :)

William - Thanks, William!

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