WWC: Pure, Shadow

Time again for the Weekly Words Challenge!


Sweet Pea piggies! 99-1/4% pure!

I think these are white roses. They grow in outside the door of the company I work for.


The shadow the setting sun makes through to our dining room.

Next week's words are "Air" and "Earth".

Don't forget to stop by OddMix's place to see who else played!


oddmix said...

Gorgeous photos! I love the Sweat Pea Piggies!

eclectic said...

Piggies!!!!! So sweet!! I love the shadow pic, too. Hope you're having a happy day!

platypus said...

Every day should end with Sweet Pea piggy pics! Thanks for sharing them, cute little toes. Reminds me to polish mine... ;)

Brudder doug said...

Takes me back Sis to some sweet piggy toes at our house, now we see them on great grandchildren.

Flowers are the abundance of Flora glorious to the extreme.

Another takes me back is the sunset shadow picture. back to the days when I was a wee one and the sun was deserting the sky and bedtime loomed.

Thanks Sis.

Lynn said...

I am absolutely crazy for baby piggies!!! I could just eat them up!!

Next week's words sound really interesting. Maybe I should play, too? I haven't taken any good pics for awhile.

Ortizzle said...

Those little piggies can go to market!

Love the dining room shadows, and also your lamp!

Circus Kelli said...

OddMix - Thank you!

Eclectic - I hope you're having a happy day, too!

Platy - Every one of my days end with Sweet Pea piggies!

Brudder - Thank YOU. :)

Lynn - You SHOULD play!

Ortizzle - Thank you!

Effie said...

"this little piggy went to market..."

that's one I've already started playing with K--she loves to grab hold of her little piggies and roll on the floor...silly munchkin!

Love the shadowy photo!

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