WWC: Thought, Spirit

Time again for the Weekly Words Challenge!

A lot of Thought and work went into making this beautiful cross-stitch picture for us. My Aunt-In-Law, Jeanne made a lovely picture like this for each of our clowns. This is the one she made for Buddy. She just gave it to us a week or two ago. The very first thing I did when I brought it home was hang it in the powder room where nearly everyone who visits will see it.

Can you see the detail? It's amazing.

The morning after the kids had been playing with chalk on our front sidewalk, I spotted these footprints running away from the chalk scenes. They had been put there by a bunch of wild and crazy clowns. The street was quiet this morning, but the Spirit of the shared laughter lived on in these footprints.

Next week's words are "Liberty" and "Justice".

Don't forget to stop by OddMix's place to see who else played!


oddmix said...

And you said you had nuthin'! pfft.

These were very well done. I LOVED the footprints - I could almost here the echoes of the laughter.

I like the new look except for the body text color - it is vary hard to read.

wordgirl said...

The bucket in that picture reminds me of the metal sandpails that kids used to use. They're worth a mint now, since all we use are plastic. And those footprints? Precious.

eclectic said...

Awwww... chalky feetprints!! Too precious!

Now, how do "doctor" your template all the days?!?! I envy your ability! Looks great!!

Brudder doug said...

Trying to remember, there is I think, a name for that type of cross stitch. Very tiny, precise, I think it is called Petit Point - - - could be wrong.
That picture is a true masterpiece I think.

Barefoot chalk footprints make the old song play in my head and heart once again - - -"In The Good Old Summertime," You may have never heard it. Gotta go back to that mental summer Concert In The Park.

Circus Kelli said...

OddMix - Thank you!

Wordgirl - It's pretty neat, isn't it?

Eclectic - Oh, I just wave my magic wand and *voila*!

Brudder - You may be right about that cross-stitch. I dunno. I've heard a bit of that song before, yes.

All - Apparently the new design is difficult to read in Firefox. If you're having any troubles viewing it in another browser as well, please let me know. I'm working on fixing it!

Ortizzle said...

Ooh, chalky feet are happy feet! (Try embroidering that one!) LOL.

Oh, The Joys said...

Oh, I love that last photo!

Susie said...

ooooh. When I first came in here, I expected to be carded.
I love the feets.

Effie said...

you liked Tim and Faith so much you have to see them again, eh?! They were just in Toronto last week and I've heard rave reviews of their show--apparently, even though Faith is the better singer, vocally speaking, Tim was the life of the show...

those chalky feet are adorable...that's a pic to frame...

Effie said...

cross-stitch is my crafting medium--can't knit or crochet--it is time consuming but it looks so nice when you're done!

sharkey said...

I'm envious of anyone who has the patience and skill to finish a project like that cross stitch. Do you have any idea how many unfinished cross stitch projects I have? Way too many . . .

The chalky footprints are awesome!

Lynn said...

Aw. I love the little footprints the best. It reminds me of when the kids were babies. I used to kiss their little feet when I was trying to get them to let me put socks and shoes on them. They always thought that was soooo funny!

Laura said...

HOly smokes, it's been too long since I've been here. I LOVE your new design! I thought I landed on a Vegas website by accident. What an eye catching layout!
My sis in law does cross stitch much like your aunt does and the detail always stuns me. I really don't have the patience for it, myself. But I always admire the talent and effort that goes into each intricate piece, it's amazing!

platypus said...

The chalky little footprints are gorgeous and the cross stitch is great too. I haven't done any for ages due to lack of time so I have respect for anyone who produces a piece which has that level of detail.

Circus Kelli said...

Platy - I still have an unfinished cross-stitch I started when I was pregnant with Punkin. She'll be 10 in November.

Laura - Thank you!

Lynn - There is just something about little baby feet, isn't there?

Effie - You betcha! The fact that I'm going for free (again) helps a lot!

Susie - Consider yourself carded... ;)

Joys - Thank you!

Ortizzle - I could try to embroider it, but... I don't have the patience for that sort of thing. :)

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