Fried Kelli Day (Last Friday)

Some people refer to what is written below as a "Kelli Day". Apparently, my reputation has jumped continents now. That makes me smile like a fool. Behold the power of the internet!

** I wrote this Friday in little chunks here and there over the course of the day, and didn't get back around to posting it until now (during my lunch hour, thankyouverymuch). **

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Last Friday

Two thirds of the clowns got dressed and ready for school like they're supposed to.
The other third so did not.
Lost three fingernails while trying not to lose patience with that last third.

Red vest from Dress Barn, black short-sleeve tshirt, jeans and new, cute stiletto-heeled black shoes.
Hair pulled back on top, hanging straight on the bottom.
Not bad lookin for someone who would much rather still be in bed.
Lovin the red vest from Dress Barn.
And the newer jeans.
And the shoes.

Drop kids off at daycare.

Decide to pick up something for dinner rather than cook tonight.

Go to work.

Meeting hostessing at a meeting center around the corner for another assistant.
Breakfast set up for meeting at 7:45am
Be solicitious, smile a lot. Go back to work.
Realize new, cute, stiletto-heeled black shoes are not made for this kind of day. Change into cute, wider- and lower-heeled black shoes.

Lunch set up for meeting at 11:00am
Run personal errands on lunch hour at 11:30am
Pick up new music (Maroon 5, Tim McGraw)
Pick up lunch for a coworker and myself
Pull into parking space at work, 12:30pm
Before exiting the externally flameless Mommyvan, get a call that the meeting has adjourned.
Drop off pizza puff for coworker.
Head over to the meeting center to clean up meeting.
Put all leftovers into back of externally flameless Mommyvan.

Come back to work, eat lunch.
Retrieve leftover meeting food from the back of the externally flameless Mommyvan.
Bring leftover salads and lunchmeat from meeting up to the lunchroom.
When younger coworker asks if there are any buns for lunchmeat, loudly proclaim "Oh! I got buns!"
Laugh out loud when coworker blushes.

Decide hair really needs to be up in a full ponytail.
Go into ladies room and put hair in a full ponytail.
Make sure there isn't have any lunch in my teeth.
Make face at myself in the mirror.

Return to desk.
Listen to new music.
Wonder why I thought any "heeled" shoes would be a good idea today.
Realize I still have three hours before you can go home.
Remove shoes.
Wiggle toes
Finish Coke.

Get paperwork and thoughts together for meeting with boss in 51 minutes.
Wish I was dressed a helluva lot more comfortably.
Mentally decide which piece of clothing could be removed to accomplish that.

Wonder when my back will stop with the damn twingy aches already.
Wonder if my headache will get any worse.
Take some ibuprofen to take care of both.

Go back to reading through CPS material.
Learn proper usage for the initials CPS after my name.
Smile because CPS could also stand for "Certified Professional Slacker".

Meet with the boss for the first time in over a week.
Brag about scores on CPS exam.
Order new business cards from the in-house print shop with CPS after my name.

Network with other assistants (send out emails to people you met in Miami last October) about the merits of upcoming conferences.

Realize it's time to go home.
Flee the building like it's on fire.

Pick up the kids.
Pass three McDonald's on the way home to get to the one that's closest to your home, so the food is still hot when you bring it home.

Realize that McDonald's is closed for renovations. (It opens up again tomorrow, naturally).

Pick up Erika who is waiting for us at our house.
Go to the next closest McDonald's (that I already passed once on the way home).
Picnic with the kids and Erika on the backyard deck.

Drink Mai Tai's with Erika.
Put kids to bed.
Watch mindless television.
Say goodbye to Erika.
Go to bed.


Laura said...

MmmmmMMMm Tim McGraw. I have good friends who were best friends with Tug McGraw. If you know who he was, you get bonus points!

I'm lovin the red vest, too!
Here's to more days with mai-tai's and good friends!

Brudder doug said...

I once went to a Halloween party dressed as a woman, never again.
Part of the costume was high heels, man I can''t understand how some person can be comfortable in them.

So, I fail Kelli 101.

You look good in that red vest Sis.

platypus said...

You see, just reading about your day makes me need a nap! I did get loads done, by the way, and I thought you'd be impressed if I'd only had the courage to post before and after pictures.

Love the vest! :)

Circus Kelli said...

Laura - I get bonus points! Can I have them in the form of mai tais... or chocolate please?

Doug - You're the bomb, Brudder!

Platypus - I need a nap, too. Always. :)

Ortizzle said...

Very cute vest, indeed. Now, which piece of clothing was removed to make you feel more comfortable?! ---Oh, the shoes, of course.

Nilbo said...

Ohh Ohh! I know who Tug McGraw was! He's Tim McGraw's father AND was a fine pitcher with the Philadelphia Phillies in the 70's. I get the bonus points.

Lynn said...

Certified Professional Slacker? I think not, dear. If THAT'S slacking, then I'm in a coma. I think someone would have told me if I were in a coma. I sure as hell hope so anyway.

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL new photo of you. Inspiring, too. (I need a facial.)

Effie said...

teehee--i love hoe you outfit changed before you were even halfway through the day--but i must say-that's a cute vest!

I'm g;ad you emjoyed mai tais with Erika!

Effie said...

please forgive my typos--I have a wiggly little monster climbing all over me and making raspberries on my cheek...

Laura said...

I suspect Nilbo of Googling, and therefore, he does not get the bonus points.
Kelli gets a box of yummy chocolates and a hot bartender to serve the mai tais. oh yeahhh

platypus said...

I've heard tell that Nils is constantly Googling from the minute he wakes up, even in public when it's considered rude. He definitely shouldn't get points for that!

eclectic said...

I just got the new Maroon 5 CD for my birthday from Middle Eclectic. I like it! But high heels?!? Nah. I can't like them. Maybe I'd wear 'em in a hotel room on vacation... but in real life?? Nope. Not for me. Then again, I DO work in a gym... ;)

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