The Home Stretch

I've virtually made it through the weekend of single-parenting. It's Sunday evening, and the Hubby will be home tomorrow night.

Saturday morning, I had a bit of a headache forming, and the kids let me sleep in a bit. They got themselves breakfast and watched television until I got up. After getting out of bed, I built up my optimisim reserves and announced we would be going to the shoe store, and the grocery store. They were excited about the shoe store.

We arrived and set about finding new shoes for each of the clowns, focusing on one at a time. (That never really works, by the way.) Buddy's shoes were available in the size we needed, but only at another shoe store, which was about 40 minutes in the other direction. Sweet Pea found shoes she liked, so that was good. Then, as I focused on Punkin, the two littles began "terrorizing" the store. At one point, they were running around a small table that held a couple of "highlighted" shoes. The clerk (all smiles, bless her heart) said "RED LIGHT!" and the kids responded immediately... but for only a second. When the clerk said "GREEN LIGHT!" they were off again. All the while I was getting more frustrated with Punkin because she seemed to be taking her time deciding what she wanted. (and what do you know, the littles weren't listening to me AT ALL.) We piled back into the externally flameless Mommyvan and drove to the other shoe store. It was a ways away, but no matter how much I prayed and fervently wished, the littles would not nap on the ride in between. Thankfully, we were only in the next shoe store for about two minutes. You gotta give the littles credit. They tried their best to disrupt the store, but really, there just wasn't enough time.

After that, I took them to a park so they could blow off some steam. The park is near a stream and a pond, so we went off to investigate that after being at the park for a while. Three trips to the bathroom and an hour after we arrived, we were back in the externally flameless Mommyvan and heading home -- Sweet Pea protesting as only she can for the first few minutes of the drive back (with a scream that will nearly make your ears bleed, or rattle your ear drum at the very least). Soon after that, both littles were asleep.

We had lunch at home and talked to Daddy on the phone (Buddy seems to be missing Daddy quite a bit. Every time he hears or sees a motorcycle I get "Is Daddy home yet? I miss him. I want him to come home now.") Our trip to the grocery store was a bit more successful; they were a bit better behaved there. (It was only a small bit better, but I was happy with it) Then it was home again for the evening. They played while I got a few little things accomplished. After dinner, the girls took baths, while Buddy dozed in Daddy's chair. I ended up carrying him up to bed a while later. He was so out of it that he didn't even stir on the way up to his room. The girls and I watched "Princess Diaries II" on television before they went on up to bed, too.

Sunday, the kids were up and dressed by 8:30am -- all ready to go to the movies with Grandma. Buddy woke up in an incredibly bad mood, but thankfully he seemed to have gotten over it before Grandma arrived. The movie was good, and Buddy only had to make three trips to the bathroom during the 100 minutes the movie ran. As we headed back to the externally flameless Mommyvan, the kids chattered happily about the movie and where we should go for lunch. It turned out to be McDonald's, of course.

Once there, however, Sweet Pea melted down (again) in grand fashion. I thought it wise not to attempt to go into the establishment to eat, so we picked it up and headed home. By the time Mom and Punkin were coming back to the van with the food, all was quiet once again.

Apparently, the children were still full from the nine pounds of popcorn and "big mega monster gulpa palooza" size fruit punch they had during the movie, so they didn't eat much lunch. They sure did a lot of jumping up from their seats and walking around the table, though.

On a whim, I filled up the clowns' inflatable pool and let them play in it this afternoon. Grandma had a great time watching their antics and taking pictures until it was time for her to go. The kids played in that pool until it was time for them to come in for dinner. After dinner, they played with the emptied pool until it was time for them to come in for bed.

Now, Friday night, it was Buddy who was the one not wanting to sleep. Saturday night, it was Sweet Pea who kept pattering around and playing in her room past lights out. Strangely enough, they all went down to bed rather easily this evening. For that, I'm grateful. Tomorrow is, after all, Monday again.

All in all, not a bad weekend. Still, though, I'm looking forward to Hubby getting home Monday night.


WILLIAM said...

Hey CK

Brudder doug said...

From what I can see, you are in for another shoe shopping shambles, right ?

Has Buddy been on a motorcycle ride with his daddy yet ?

Bone Machine said...

There needs to be a telethon or something to get flames on the van.

Call Jerry Lewis and make this happen.

Circus Kelli said...

Bill - Back at ya.

Brudder - No, he hasn't. I'll dread the day it finally happens, too.

Bone - Yeah, baby!

Ortizzle said...

Kids 'r Us
Movies 'r Us
Hamburgers 'r Us
Shoes 'r Us
Parks 'r Us
Pools 'r Us

Seems like the only thing missing was "Naps 'r Us." I bet you can't wait for tonight for the premiere of 'Daddies 'r Us' ! :-))

eclectic said...

Yay! You made it!!! And Daddy's home by now, too, so life is good! Now I can rub it in: (cue sing-song teasey voice) I met Squirl, I met Squirl!! ;)

Laura said...

I remember those days, trying to shop with the kids and feeling like I'd have to juggle everything, trying to get a shoe on one kid's foot while trying to keep the other kid from wandering off, etc etc.

Samantha always seemed to have a big story to tell me right at the moment I was trying to get a shirt or shoe on the squirming Brittany. ...ahhgh!

Patsy said...

Don't you wish that the had a school for kid training, like they do for puppies/dogs Probably could get rather rich if it was a good one! I haven't been to your site for a few weeks and I am always glad when I come back!
Hope you don't mind but I tagged you for a rant meme! Come to my site and check it out.

wordgirl said...

My guys are home and, for the moment, all is right with the world.

platypus said...

I don't know how you do it! I bet you're glad to have Hubby back!

Circus Kelli said...

Ortizzle - Naps R Us would be good, Daddies R Us is FANTASTIC!

Eclectic - "I met Squirl I met Squirl nyeah nyeah nyeah..." Yeah, well *I* met BUCKY! So there. ;)

Laura - Yeah, how (and WHY) do they do that? Huh? I need to run to the grocery store tonight, what do you think the odds are of going by myself?

Patsy - Yay! You just come and go as you wish here, darlin. I'll get over to your site to check out the tag soon.

Wordgirl - Amen.

Platypus - Glad is a HUGE understatement. ;)

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