Not your typical weekend

My weekend was a goofy one, not the Circus' typical weekend at all.

Friday night, I went to the Tim and Faith concert (I'll have a blog entry and pics to post later this week). Our seats were WONDERFUL -- about three rows from the stage! I was able to take some excellent pictures. Erika and I had a blast. I got back home around 1:00am or so.

Saturday, Hubby took the kids camping with our neighbor and his kids. They had a great time. I stayed home and did a bunch of my "Saturday chores" and treated myself to a delivered pizza. After dinner, I sat down and started reading "The Lovely Bones" by Alice Sebold. I didn't get on the computer, I didn't watch television -- I just read the book. I finished it around 1:30am (after telling myself over and over "Ok, just one more chapter, then I'm going to bed..." several times). The next thing I knew, I heard "Mommy....?" coming from downstairs. Hubby and the kids arrived back home around 9:00am Sunday morning. "Where you still sleeping, Mom?" Heh...

Sunday, everyone was a bit tired and crabby. The weather was good, if a bit warm and muggy. Hubby napped for a bit, then went to visit a friend. He needed the "alone" time, and I didn't blame him. I had planned to do something with my Mom and the kids, but Mom needed to get something else done instead, so the kids and I stayed home.

Around 2:30pm, the crabbiness had escalated and I put everyone in their own rooms. I told them to play quietly for a bit, or take a nap. There wasn't much protest at all. I even went to my room and napped for a while, too.

When we woke up, it was time to start thinking about dinner. The kids were still a bit crabby, so after dinner, it was baths then bed. They didn't get to bed any earlier than usual, and as it turned out, neither did I.

This morning came all too quickly. I didn't sleep well (or as much as I should have) this weekend at all. Just after Hubby left for work, Buddy woke up -- he had wet his bed in the night, so I cleaned him up and removed his sheets. As I was working on that, Sweet Pea started fussing in her room. It was obvious to me she was up a little too early. Somehow, I encouraged her to stay in her bed for a little longer, then went off to finish cleaning up Buddy and getting him dressed.

When it was time for the girls to get up, they did pretty well. Sweet Pea came into my room to get dressed and was doing a little hip-wiggling dance to the music I was listening to while she put her clothes on. I was in our bathroom curling my hair and had turned back towards the mirror for a moment when "BAM!" I looked back at Sweet Pea, and she was on the floor near the doorway to the bathroom. I'm not sure how, but she had fallen off the edge of the chair in our room and hit the corner of the door frame on the way down. She's got a big knot on the back of her head, but she seems to be doing ok. (I mentioned the incident to the teachers at her school and asked them to let me know if she starts "acting goofy" or anything. Punkin is also with Sweet Pea, so she can also let the teachers know if anything is "amiss". Sweet Pea seemed fine, so I figured she would be ok to go to school.)

Once I told the kids this morning that we had to leave for school/work in five minutes, they suddenly stopped listening to me, and seemed to start moving in slow-motion. Murphy's Law kicked into overdrive, as well. Our dishwasher died this morning -- just a few weeks after we had the drier fixed. Not every morning is like this, but the ones that are can be exhausting. They make me feel like I've put in a full day before I ever get to work. Thinking about all that needs to happen this week is weighing me down, as well. Tuesday is a day-long meeting at work. I've already arranged for the continental breakfast and lunch to be delivered. Now I just need to get the rest of the meeting set up, sit in the meeting and take notes, then transcribe the notes after that. Sweet Pea's birthday party is Saturday (and there's a running list in my head of what we still need to get for that and I'll have to clean the house sometime). And that's just the stuff I have to do, not the stuff I want to do... boy, am I ever looking forward to Sunday.

And now it's time for me to get the overtired clowns off to bed. (Only two of them -- Sweet Pea has been fast asleep on the couch since about 6:30pm.)


Susie said...

Mmm. I feel like an overtired clown. Did you like The Lovely Bones? I really did; just one part didn't seem to belong, but overall, I really liked it.

Brudder doug said...

Sounds like an interesting weekend Sis.

Heh, selective hearing seems to be a human thing affecting adults as well as kids.

And you did have a super time at the concert ! Way to go !

platypus said...

Poor Sweet Pea, I hope she's OK.

Did you like the book? Nils recommended it and I have to say I loved it. It was very different to anything I usually read and the plot if very unusual but I really did love it and that's reminded me that I need to look up her other books and get hold of them.

Circus Kelli said...

Susie - I did enjoy that book. I think I know the "misplaced" part you mentioned. I do like the concept presented.

Brudder - It was interesting, that's for sure. I could use another one to recuperate.

Platypus - I'm a fan of that possibility. My problem with books is once I start reading one, usually everything else takes second place to it.

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