WWC: Forgotten, Missed

Time again for the Weekly Words Challenge!

As usual, I went most of the week wondering "What am I going to do for those words?", when was suddenly inspired.

Our dishwasher up and died on us Monday morning. Hubby, being the hero he is, went out and bought a new dishwasher last night after the kids were in bed.

Lemme tell ya, no one Missed our dishwasher more than Punkin last night. She had to do the dishes BY HAND. Oh. The horror.

I came home this evening after work to a big hole where my dishwasher used to be, a drip bucket under a pipe under the kitchen sink, and no water (because he turned it off to install the new dishwasher). Unfortunately, this meant I couldn't make dinner* (shush, yes it DID).

The chicken I took out of the freezer this morning to thaw for dinner toinght now lays Forgotten in the kitchen sink. We ordered pizza instead.

Don't forget to stop by OddMix's place to see who else played!

* I may be able to make dinner without power, but making dinner without water is where I draw the line.


Brudder doug said...

Geez Sis, I just imagine doing much of anything without water.
Hope your new dishwasher is in and working now and the water running for you again.

Circus Kelli said...

My dishwasher is working, Brudder. At least, I think it is. Hubby ran it for a bit last night. It has lots of pretty buttons and lights on it, and the inside is stainless steel. I still don't know how to work it, though. :)

Bone Machine said...

It sounds like conspiracy to me.

eclectic said...

What a brilliant idea! I'm so turning off the water main to the house tomorrow -- "Oops, sorry Honey, guess I can't make dinner now." THANKS CK -- this is gonna be awesome!!!! ;)

Remember when we used to be able to spend money on fun stuff? Yeah, now it's appliances. Congrats on your new dishwasher! May it be quiet and long-lived.

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