Big Moments at The Big Top

Camera battery charged.
Video camera ready to go.
New school outfit on.
New backpack on back.
Hair in pigtails.
Big goofy, excited-but-nervous grin.

Sweet Pea had her first day of kindergarten this week.

First, though, we dropped Punkin off at her before school program. Then, we took Buddy to preschool. It is the same school he has been attending for nearly a year now, but Sweet Pea and/or Punkin has been at the school every day, too. This is the first time he's been "alone" in a school, and while it will be good for him, it will be an adjustment. He cried *so hard* when it was time for me to go. It's so difficult to leave him on those days, even if I *know* he'll be fine after a few of minutes.

Sweet Pea and I went back home and ate breakfast while we waited for Hubby to arrive. To say Sweet Pea was excited about starting school was an understatement. Hubby came home, changed his clothes, and the three of us left the house for school far earlier than we needed to.

We stood on the playground with her, surveying the scene. Within minutes of our arrival, the number of kids on the playground changed from a scant few into a swarm. Seriously. All the Moms, Dads, Grandparents and other responsible adults all stood around the perimeter of the playground watching their children meet up with old friends and make new ones.

We watched, too. Sweet Pea went off to play on the playground, but was a little hesitant. She kept looking for us, finding us, waving, then going off to play again. She came running up to us at one point to shyly ask "Can I talk to these people?" When we told her she could talk to any of the kids, she fairly beamed with excitement and immediately went off and began introducing herself to kids. "Hi, I'm Sweet Pea." Some kids replied, some wandered off. She handled both situations well, but it showed me a side of her I don't usually see. Her "tentative" side. We know her as the Sweet Pea who jumps into the water, then plans her next move. She's usually fearless and direct. Now, here she was, a little unsure of herself.

Except when she spotted her teacher outside among the adults. Sweet Pea began jumping up and down, calling her teacher's name, then ran over to her. When she had her teacher's attention, she began jumping up and down again, then jumped up to hug her and wrapped her legs around her teacher! Her teacher was taken by surprise, but handled it well. (And we got it all on videotape!) Hubby and I laughed and whispered a little "Hee, good luck with that Ms. W!"

I had fun filling out the "tell me something about your child" form. Sweet Pea has such a way about her... she is very definite in what/how she thinks, asks a lot of questions, and is usually in constant motion. I summoned up my creative and diplomatic side and put "...energetic, inquisitive, and bright..." on the form.

When it came time to line up to go into school, we saw the very excited Sweet Pea. Flickers of doubt skittered over her face now and then as she stood in line. I know she was nervous, not knowing what to expect, in spite of all of our assurances.

She did great, though. In a matter of moments, she was marching in line into the school with the rest of her class. As I walked away, I was equal parts pride and anxiety. I did not cry. Not technically anyway, there were no tears streaming down my face or anything.

There she goes.

Take care of our Sweet Pea, Ms. W.


Sharkey said...

Nope, I'm not crying. Not technically anyway, there are no tears streaming down my face or anything.

Great post! I'd sure love to see that video--I bet it's hilarious!

Ortizzle said...

Sharkey's right. That video will be amazing for her to see again when she has kids of her own!

Susie said...

*sniff* Yes, Ms. W. Take care of our Sweet Pea.

Nilbo said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I have 15 pictures, each one taken on the front step of whatever house we lived in at the time. The first three are of Erin alone, with her knapsack, heading off to her first day of school. The next nine are of Erin and Allison together on the step, ready for their first day. And the last three are Allison, of course. Every first day captured on film forever. Treasures.

Sweet Pea will do just fine - already making friends and already sucking up to the teacher (I can say that because both my girls were suck-ups). And yeah, it's not technically crying if it's just mist.

Brudder doug said...

We do that "Will NOT cry," bit every time we bid our Oregon daughter goodbye. Almost as if we are the kids and she the parent.
Oh yes, make a CD of that if it isn't already on a CD -- make a backup or six.

Oh, The Joys said...

Sweet Pea!!


Circus Kelli said...

Sharkey - Thank you! It is a funny bit.

Ortizzle - Yes, it will!

Susie - Don't you start crying, 'cuz if you start, then I'll start... *sniff*

Nilbo - That's cool. Sweet Pea isn't so much a suck-up. Not as much as her sister (or her Momma).

Brudder - I used to do the WILL NOT cry bit when we left my Grandma's house in Florida. Now I do it when I say goodbye to my Grandpa.

OTJ - OTJ!! :)

platypus said...

She looks so cute! I hope she enjoyed her first day. It was sweet that you got it all on tape. I have one photo of a very tiny looking Stumpy, all dressed up in her uniform ready for her first day of school. We were looking at it just the other day and commenting on how long ago it seems to be.

eclectic said...

Your caption, "There she goes" is more true than we mommy-types care to admit, I think. Still, yay for Sweet Pea! Wonderful picture, wonderful girl, wonderful mommy.

Bone Machine said...


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