Ok, technically, they're not bugs. They're Tobacco/Tomato Horned Worms.

I was resting one Friday afternoon in between coming home from work a little early, and doing all the things I needed to do before picking up the kids from school when Hubby came home. I was facing away from the doorway to our room and he leaned over me to put the bugs (in their container) right in front of my face on the bed. When I opened my eyes, I was face to face (I think) with them.

(Did you know their mouths are sideways?)

Apparently, one of his coworkers brought them to work to give to another coworker who thought that our kids would like them. (I'll be having a talk with this other coworker very soon) Hubby was delighted to have these bugs in the house. De-lighted. Me? Not so much. I eyed them warily for a few minutes before I got up to do all the things I needed to do before picking up the kids from school -- all the time knowing those damn bugs would wind up on my kitchen counter (in their container) like the damn Beta fish (Rainbow, may he/she rest in peace) and the damn tadpole/frog (Rosie, may he/she rest in peace) before that.

The kids were, of course, very curious about the bugs and wanted to take them out and play with them and watch them (and hug them and squeeze them and call them George). Hubby even looked up the bugs on the internet for the kids and showed them pictures and talked to them about how they turn into moths. One attempted an escape from the container, but I quickly scooted him/her/whatever back to it's proper container, sweet container.

Buddy picked up the container a time or two, and tried to get the bugs to move around -- which they did, more so in the mornings. Leaves were brought in from some of the bushes outside and well-checks on the bugs were performed frequently by the little clowns. At one point, one of the bugs had all these little bubbles on him. Ew.

The bugs stayed in their container on my kitchen counter all weekend. When Hubby came home from work on Monday evening, he discovered they had died. (Aw, poor Snuff and Chew, we hardly even knew ya. May you rest in peace) Hubby closed the container and unceremoniously dumped them in the garbage. The next day was garbage day, so I took the frozen Beta fish (Rainbow, may he/she rest in peace) from the freezer, (Rainbow died in the winter when the ground was frozen, so we couldn't bury him/her/it outside by the playset where we buried the frog (Rosie, may he/she rest in peace). I've been meaning to bury the frozen Beta-fishstick, but keep forgetting. I'm hoping the kids have forgotten by now, too) and tossed him/her/it in the trash, before covering the evidence with more trash.

The kids took the demise of the bugs pretty well. It helped that they weren't around very long.

Why do I have a feeling this is just one in a long string of 'pets' that will find their way into our home? (I was going to say "first in a long line", but then I realized we've now had four 'pets' in our "no pet" household.)

Ortizzle, I think we're even now.


Ortizzle said...

Bwah, hah, hah!!! The whole time I was reading this, I was thinking, 'Hey! I'm gonna have to tell C.K. that it wasn't me who sent the caterpillars to her husband's office!'

So, anyway... R.I.P. You seriously need a pet with a bit more longevity, preferably one that doesn't live on your kitchen counter, LOL. :-)

Brudder doug said...

Well Sis, if you don't like pets on the kitchen counters and tables, don't get a cat. Cats are a lot of company, but own the entire interior of the house where they live. It may taken them a time to train the two-leggers, but eventually they get the point across -- THEY RULE ! ! ! !

eclectic said...

Aaack! Tomato worms give me the willies even from 1500 miles away. Bleah! Couldn't you just give in to something furry and cute so they stop bringing home the creepy things??

Nilbo said...

I agree with eclectic. Furry and cute is the way to go.

Circus Kelli said...

OrtizzleBug - Oh, I know who's idea it was to give the bugs to Hubby to bring to the kids. Lucky for him, he just moved to Iowa!

BrudderBug - Don't want nuttin on my kitchen counters no mo!

Eclectic - Sweetie, I'm allergic to cats and dogs. At least the creepy things don't last too long...

Nilbo - Perhaps... but kitties and puppies are so much cuter on the internet...

Brudder doug said...

I put my rant up on my Xanga site Sis. Couldn't get it on yours.
Just click on brudder doug if you care to.

Circus Kelli said...

Brudder - I checked out your rant, and I have to say, that picture cracked me up! :) Thank you!

Bone Machine said...

They remind me of some of the contents in a pasta salad that I used to get.

Laura said...

Oh gawd, I remember the smell of those things when they died. Sam was always bringing home caterpillars of one type or another.
Snuff and Chew? ROFL!!!

Have you all gone through the hamster /gerbil phase yet? :)

Circus Kelli said...

Laura - Sssshhhh! (No!)

Bone - A very good reason to never eat pasta salad.

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