Monday night at dinner, we heard there would be a Lunar Eclipse happening between 3:51am and 4:52am Chicago time Tuesday morning. The next thing I heard was "Mom, what's a Lunar Eclipse?"

I swallowed my bite of sloppy joe and tried to fake it, "Well, it's when the sun and moon..." and trailed off because I saw Hubby shaking his head in my peripheral vision. Instead, I stopped and said, "You know what, honey? That's a science question, ask Daddy."

Hubby, of course, gladly expounded on what a Lunar Eclipse was. The kids were suitably impressed. "Yeah, too bad we'll all be asleep when it happens." I interjected. The result was an immediate "Awww...." The next thing I heard was, "I could wake you up if you want to see it."

"What?", I thought. "Wake up the kids? In the middle of the night? What are you NUTS? Let them SLEEP, for cryin out loud!" I'm sure I communicated that sentiment with my look, too.

"Yeah, Dad, do it!", said Punkin. "I want to see the Lunar Eclipse."

Not much else was said about it, and frankly, I'd forgotten about it by the time the kids were in bed.

Hubby and I went to sleep at our normal time, and I heard the alarm go off at the normal time. I remember Hubby getting out of bed, looking out the window and saying "Oh, it's cloudy." Thinking that we wouldn't be able to see the Lunar Eclipse, I fell back asleep (ok, yeah, it was more of a "Huh? Wha? 'K... 'night... Zzz" kind of a discussion for me) The next thing I knew, Hubby was asking if I was going to sleep the day away (my answer is always "yes") and I was getting out of bed to say goodbye to him before he left for work. The kids were all sleeping still, and I was able to finish nearly all of my morning routine without interruption.

As I was putting on my makeup, Punkin came into our bathroom. "Mom, that Lunar Eclipse was cool. Why didn't you come see it?"

"Huh? You saw it?"

"Yeah, Dad woke us up to see it just like he said he would."

"Wow. I must have been sleeping. I don't even remember that."

I didn't hear him wake the girls (he knew enough not to try to wake Buddy), I didn't hear them all in the livingroom talking about the Lunar Eclipse, and I didn't realize the girls had gone right back to sleep afterwards. I slept through the whole thing.

This may be/sound kinda goofy (no! not from me!) but I can't tell you how much that simple gesture of following through on his promise to the girls touched me. It's a no-brainer, really. He could have left them sleeping. He could have forgotten all about his promise... but he didn't.

That's just one of the many, many reasons why I love my Hubby.


Nilbo said...

Oh, be honest. The real reason you love him is that he woke them up ... and let YOU sleep. Lazybones.

Sharkey said...

Ha--Nilbo has a point. But the fact that it touched you brought a little tear to my eye. Your Hubby's a keeper (but you knew that already)!

platypus said...

That's so sweet - and I bet it's one of those things that they remember even when they're grown up. Those are special moments.

WILLIAM said...

That's awesome. I saw it too Eastern time. I was out walking.

Susie said...

Aw. I love him, too. And I had a tear, too.
(Apparently I have no original thoughts this morning; but the ones I've copied are fine.)

LadyBug said...

It doesn't sound goofy at all. I know exactly what you mean. So often it feels like Mom handles all of the kid-related stuff, so it's extra special when Dad does something cool like that. And it's even MORE special when Dad can handle that stuff on his own, without Mom's interference/reminders/nagging. (And bonus points on this one, for letting you sleep!)

wordgirl said...

That sounds just like something Mr. Half would do. Love it!

Brudder doug said...

A phrase I encountered as I passed through, "They'll remember it when they are grown," rings true Sis. Golden memories in the making, and you got some good nap time for youself too.

Laura said...

Yep, he's a keeper!

Lynn said...

That is so very cool.

Circus Kelli said...

Nilbo-Loon - You might be on to something there.

Sharkey-Loon - Yes, I did. I like that he reminds me of that from time to time, though. :)

Platy-Loon - I hope so.

Bill-Loon - (heh) Good Lord. Walking? At that hour of the morning? Yikes.

Susie-Loon - Original thoughts? What are those?

LadyBug-Loon - Exactly! Hugs!

WordGirl-Loon - Me too!

Laura-Loon - He surely is!

Brudder-Loon - You are so right.

Lynn-Loon - Isn't it, though?

Ortizzle said...

Well, I vote for both things making him special: waking the kids up AND letting you sleep. Now... do you wish you had seen the lunar eclipse?!

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