Circus Law

After several weeks of wearing jeans with "nice tops" to work, you finally decide to don the heels and nylons and blouse and skirt. That's the day your boss will come in wearing a sweatshirt and jeans.

When you spend two hours on your hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor on a Saturday morning, you will spend the next week loudly exclaiming "PICK IT UP!" whenever you hear anything hit the floor.

When you're feeling like you just want to give yourself a timeout and hang out in your room and be left alone, your family will decide you must be actively engaged with them.

The cold and flu season officially starts when the house smells like Vicks.

Just when the rest of the circus appears to be getting over whatever yucky virus invaded their throats, and just about the time you think "Hey! I didn't get sick!", the yuck will find YOU.

When you take one unexpected day off of work, you'll end up having to take at least one other one, too.

When you've finally looked through all the catalogs that have come in to the house getting ideas for Christmas gifts, more catalogs with cooler things will come in. Evenutally, though, you'll get through all of them and get your gift-buying list done.


Ortizzle said...

It's called Murphy's Law, C.K. :-)

Circus Kelli said...

Ortizzle - Tahmaytoe, tahmahtoe. ;)

Brudder doug said...

Heather and I are on tenterhooks, flu shots are for tomorrow morning - - we hope and pray we don't come down with something before the morning flu bug artillery is an over and done fact.

Vicks odor and the smell of that icky onion and sugar cough syrup that Grandma used to make are in my memory. The only thing worse I can think of was those horribly painful mustard plasters.

And I too, remember catching what the kids brought home from school and suffering after they were well and back to the schoolhouse.

eclectic said...

Um, you've got your Christmas shopping done?

***backs out of the room, completely intimidated***

Circus Kelli said...

Brudder - If the kids would get over their colds already, I'd get us in for the flu shots. :)

Eclectic - Noooo... I haven't made the list yet, just pulled a bunch of ideas out of catalogs (and off the commercials between Saturday morning cartoons).

Nilbo said...

Mmmmm ... Vicks. Vicks is what a mother's love smells like.

And my Christmas shopping is completely finished. A little late, for me, but it's done.

Lynn said...

And when you decide to clean the upholstery, one of those cute little short and spill-prone persons who live with you will eat SALSA in the living room!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Just like my rule for weddings—or is that life: If anything can go wrong it will go wrong and at the worst possible moment.

WILLIAM said...

mmm. Vicks.

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