I'm fine

"You seem very much like the kind of irritable person you strive not to be today."

"It's nothing a couple of Mai Tai's and a shopping spree can't cure. Hopefully."


eclectic said...

Actually, it was margaritas and a romp in the hay that worked for me.... Good luck with Mai Tai's and shopping, though. :)

Circus Kelli said...

Eclectic - I'm going out with my sister this afternoon, so I may just save the "romp in the hay" for later tonight.

Nilbo said...

Nothing like a romp in the hay to cheer everybody up.

Brudder doug said...

HEy, hey for romp in the hay, solves many problems and alleviates others.

Heather and I got our flu shots today, it's always a down to the wire thing for us - - - colds or flu shots. This year we were lucky and didn't have to hold off.

Hope you and yours get over what ails any of you and you get in for your shots.

Bone Machine said...

Some of us strive to be that irritable person. It's what we do.

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