Miss Understanding

Sweet Pea was home from school one day earlier this week with the first virus of the season. (We made it all the way to the October 7 before it hit. Not bad, really.)

I contacted her teacher to let her know Sweet Pea was out for the day, and asked if Ms. W could get any homework for Sweet Pea to Punkin, so Punkin could bring it home for her. (Are you following this?)

We mentioned this to Sweet Pea during her visit to the doctor (I wanted to make sure Sweet Pea didn't have strep.)

Me: Sweet Pea, Punkin is going to bring your homework home with her today.
Sweet Pea: Oh! So *she* can do it?


Nilbo said...

Love the new look. Great header!

wordgirl said...

Love the spooky new look and color! You're so creative!

Doug said...

Booooooo ! Nice one Sis.

Sounds like Sweet Pea is gathering information on how the world can work. Cheers to her.

WILLIAM said...

Sweet Pea is Sharp.

Effie said...

Loving the Hallowe'eny look!

Sweet lil Sweet Pea...wouldn't that be nice of Punkin to do Sweet Pea's homework for her?! Too cute!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Sweet Pea has a good attitude about homework. She sounds like my younger sister.

Laura said...

Whooooo! Love the new look, Kelli!

Sweet Pea is Sharp.

(I'm echoing William, as I'm not feeling very sharp today).

eclectic said...

Sounds like something Littlest Eclectic might come up with...

McDonald's? Tomorrow. Bring your camcorder.

Circus Kelli said...

Nil-boo - Thanks!

Boo-girl - Thank you!

Boo-der Doug - Oh yeah, we've often asked her what color the sky is in her world. ;)

Will-boo - Like a tack.

Boo-fie - Thank you! How you doin', darlin?!

SS-Boo - Hee hee

Boo-ra - I'm not feeling so sharp today, either. You're in good company.

Boo-lectic - You got it. 1:00pm?

Ortizzle said...

Sweet Pea has all the makings of a comedian.

Love your Spookalaga!

Circus Kelli said...

Ortizzle - She IS a comedian!

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