Monorail Walking

Our first night in Vegas, we found the monorail and we rode it all the way over to the other side of the city, just to see what we could see. When we realized there was a Barry Manilow STORE in one of the hotels, we were compelled to check that out. There was the usual CD's and T-Shirts but my favorite was the Manilow bottled water and the Manilow Sunblock. Seriously. Manilow Sunblock.

After giggling ourselves silly about the Manilow store (and fessing up that we actually really like Barry Manilow), we walked back to the monorail and hopped a ride back to where several hotels we wanted to look at were bunched together. That's when we really started walking... We went to the Paris hotel, then over to the Bellagio hotel, we were near Caesar's Palace, too. We also went to The Coca-Cola store and the Harley Davidson Store and we walked and walked and walked.

Back at the hotel, our rooms were about a 10-15 minute walk from the conference center, and we did that several times a day. The hotel property is just enormous. As we were walking back to our hotel the first night, we commented "Oh, good, there's the hotel. We're nearly there." forgetting that we would have another 10-15 minute walk once we reached the hotel.

The cool thing about all the walking though was that once you reached your destination, you could sit there all day (listening to speakers at the conference) or all night (on a lovely sea of soft floofy pillows) and rest.


Nilbo said...

Holy smokes. What are the chances you would end up travelling to Vegas with another person who likes Barry Manilow???? I'm guessing you couldn't get odds on that in ... uh ... Vegas.

Circus Kelli said...

Nilbo - I know! Crazy, huh?

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