Out of the Office

Update Friday morning: Punkin is sick now and home from school today. (Of course, because I took time off yesterday, so it's only right that I have to take more unexpected time off again) Thankfully, Hubs is able to take a half day at work so we can "share the care" and I can go in to work this afternoon.

You have reached Kelli of MyCircusLife Blog. I will be out of the "office" today, attempting to rest the cold out of my head.

More later... after I take the kids to school and sleep for as long as possible.

Update: I've dropped off the kids, ate a little breakfast and taken some Advil for the aches. I'm thinking a little cocoa and Bailey's (for my sore throat) and a nap is just the thing.

Apparently, I have the same thing Sweet Pea had minus the low grade temp -- a p.i.t.a. virus that hangs out in the voice box. What do you think?


WILLIAM said...

I am putting the over/under at 6 as to the amount of times you are disturbed while you ry to rest.

I hope you feel better,

Circus Kelli said...

*cough*William - Oh, my office knows I'm pretty well disturbed already. My boss is out today on business. The odds are pretty good that I won't be disturbed too much more than normal. ;)

Nilbo said...

Mmmm Got that Debra Winger thing goin' on.

What's "more than normal", where it concerns getting "disturbed?


platypus said...

Poor you. I hope you managed to get some rest. Oh and you should absolutely have that Baileys and cocoa - it's medicinal!

Brudder doug said...

p.i.t.a. ? What is that Sis ?
Sorry you are sick, hope it is not the flu . . . . . . . . We get out flu shots tomorrow morning. Hope that gives us another winter free of the flu.
Take care of youself Sis.

Ortizzle said...

I think cocoa and Bailey's is just the thing. With a nap, of course.

eclectic said...

Eeep. Sending "get well" vibes to everyone under the Big Top!!

Circus Kelli said...

Nilbo - Yeah, I dunno. My brain hurts.

Platy - Oh! Thank you! I'll do that!

Brudder - I sent you an email. :) It's not the flu, just a cruddy cold.

Ortizzle - Consider it done.

Eclectic - Thank you! I hope all is well with you all, too.

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