What I learned...

  • First class isn't always so classy. Full story here

  • Our bed at home needs more big, floofy pillows.

  • Just about the time your muscles and joints get used to walking several miles from your hotel room to the conference center and back and all over the hotel property every day, it's time to go home.

  • I discovered what Heaven must be like

  • In Vegas, you can play in the water with the fishes without getting your feet wet. When you walked on this interactive floor, the fish swam away and the water rippled

  • People watching is an excellent pastime.

  • There is a very good reason for geographical stereotypes.

  • I am VERY "Midwestern."

  • A three hour nap and time to dance around the house in my pajamas (without an audience) makes me happy.

  • So do "Sparkling Volcancoes."

  • I can not explain the attraction I feel for a certain foreign country

  • There's never enough time to sit around the pool and relax

  • No matter what you do for a living, there are days when your job is just plain boring. Are the trainers TEXTING in there? (Trainers hang out in the Lion Habitat at the MGM Grand with the lions)

  • If you can dream it, you can most likely find it in Vegas
    A Barry Manilow store. I kid you not. Anyone need any Manilow sunblock?

  • The sun comes up in Vegas, but not too many people see it

  • I may have left my family back in Illinois, but they were very much with me every step I took in Las Vegas.
  • There's nothing like a few days in a different place to make you appreciate home that much more.

  • Our bed at home definitely needs more big, floofy pillows.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah... and there was the stuff I actually learned at the conference itself, too. Really.

    All the Vegas conference Pictures


    Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

    Wow! All that learning from just one Vegas trip. And, may I assume that you also had fun?

    WILLIAM said...

    Holy Crap...a Manilow store?

    Circus Kelli said...

    SSNick - Oh yeah... I had a lot of fun. :)

    William - I know!

    eclectic said...

    Hee! A Vegas sunrise? I was pretty sure it was blocked out by the lights on the strip.

    Glad you're home, CK! You look exhausted on that bed!!

    Laura said...

    Ohhh, I loved Vegas. Your post brought back memories! I remember all that walking, too. To get from the parking garage to our hotel room took about 10 to 15 minutes!!
    The Manilow store must be new? I don't remember seeing it when we were there.

    It was good to get away for a little while, wasn't it? Welcome back!!

    Circus Kelli said...

    Eclectic - Oh, I WAS exhausted! That was after we did all that walking Saturday and Sunday! Oh, and the lights and the strip are on the other side of the hotel. :)

    Laura - Yes, it was good to get away. I had a lovely time... AND I missed my family. They welcomed me back home with open arms and a HUGE mountain of laundry. :)

    Bone Machine said...

    Is that the tiger that took out Seigfried and/or Roy?

    I don't know about Manilow sunblock, but I wouldn't mind having something to block my ears from ever hearing Copacabana, as well as his entire catalog, again.

    Lynn said...

    It looks like there was some fun to be had even though it was a conference. That's always nice, eh? You really got some good pics. Thanks for sharing them. :-)

    I wonder about the really colorful one that looks like tropical sea creatures. What is that one? It sure is cool looking.

    Lynn said...

    I just read Bone's comment. Ha! Manillow earlpugs!!

    Effie said...

    hahahahaha---aren't you glad your friend DIDN'T switch seats with you half-way through? I mean--you read a magazine the whole way through!!! Wow!

    And Everything Coca Cola?! Snazzy!

    Yay for fun in Vegas...

    wordgirl said...

    You know what? I think I learned that OUR bed needs more big, floofy pillows. Know where I learned it? From reading your blog. Hope you got some rest in Vegas.

    Jen M. said...

    I am speechless - SPEECHLESS I say over the Manilow sunblock. Holy crap!!!!

    I need to get in the car and get my huz to Vegas (we're only a few hours away!)

    Jen M. said...

    p.s. I'm glad you're a classic Midwesterner...Vegas would be a freakish place to feel at home. The people there scare me.

    platypus said...

    I don't visit for a while and you take yourself off to Vegas?!!! And there's a Manilow store?!!!!!! Could I use any more extreme punctuation?????

    Ahem. My inner voice was getting shrill. I will come back later and read up on your adventures and try not to turn green with envy. ;)

    fflfx - my word verification and the sound I make when I blow raspberries at the screen because Kelli went to Vegas...

    Bone Machine said...

    Manilow Ear Plugs...they get the Barry out.

    "At the Copa..."

    Circus Kelli said...

    Bone - Music and passion are always in fashion, at the Copa...

    Platy - You should have met me there! What fun that would have been!

    Jen M - Well, yeah, you have a point there... and YES! MANILOW SUNBLOCK!

    Wordgirl - I got some awesome rest in Vegas - how could I not with all those luscious pillows? (Every bed needs more pillows)

    Effie - No kidding!

    Lynn - Those were GLASS SCULPTURES ON THE CEILING. Cool, huh?

    Bone - I think I have an idea of what to get you for Christmas...

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