Celebrity Endorsement

This makes me giggle... and it mystified the little clowns, too. "Mom! He's talking to YOU!!"

Regarding Minivans

I've sent this on to Hubby. Maybe hearing from a football celebrity on the matter will sway his opinion.

* Update: *
In case you're new around here... over two years ago, when we first bought the Mommyvan, I took the liberty (and use of a photoshopping program) to trick out my van a bit...

My header for a while... "Suburbia needs more flaming minivans"

Hence the reference "externally flameless Mommyvan"


Sharkey said...


Nilbo said...

Wow - you know Peyton Manning PERSONALLY? That's so impressive. With him backing you, the eternally externally flameless Mommyvan will be all pimped out in no time.

WILLIAM said...

I am going to be playing with this all day.

eclectic said...

It won't load on my computer. WAAAAAAAAH!!!!

Bone Machine said...

Do not believe any football player that is not on the Dallas Cowboys.

wordgirl said...

So. Hot. Sooooo haawwwwtt! I would drive a chuck wagon with the number 18 on it if Peyton Manning told me to do it.

Jen M. said...

I would love to see if someone actually paints flames on their van - how funny that would be.

Circus Kelli said...

Sharkey - I thought so!

Nilbo - Totally.

william - Isn't it fun?!

Eclectic - Oh no!! Well, it's funny. Does that help?

Bone - I believe any football player that will assist me in forwarding my own agenda.

Wordgirl - Really?!

Jen M - Someday, baby... someday.

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