Creature Comforts

My favorite sweats
Warm socks
Snuggly sweatshirts
Clothes straight from the dryer
Heated "comfort pack" for my neck
Chicken soup and a half sandwich
Big floofy pillows
Soft blankets
Afternoon naps
Cuddling with loved ones

These are some of the things that have made up my day today

We've been 'cleaning up' the rest of the leftovers and taking it easy today. The kids would rather have had their friends stay the rest of the day, but after a week long celebration, and an impending headache, I really really needed all the friends to go home. Thankfully, the clowns have been behaving pretty well today. Right now, the girls are playing with the new toys in the living room (background music provided by High School Musical, of course) while Buddy naps in a chair in the family room.

picture taken before I slowly and carefully eased my way out of the chair

Tomorrow will include household chores, and maybe some light holiday shopping if I get ambitious, as well as getting everyone ready for re-entry into our regularly scheduled circus life routine. Today, though... it's all about comfort and taking it easy.

What does your "comfort" look and feel like?


Susie said...

I already done tol' ya. A hot cuppa something between my cold hands. :)

btw, I'm thinking parents of children of a certain age should file a class action suit against HSM because of our bleeding ears. You know what I'm sayin'?

Ortizzle said...

Creature comforts? I'll take all the comforts the creatures offer me. Like maybe some of C.K.'s famous cookies. ;-)

Brudder doug said...

Feels like a night in my own bed. Can't tell what it looks like, cause my eyes were closed.

Hee, hee, easing you way out from under a sleeping child is an art that needs to be mastered early in the littles life.

Then come teenage for them and sleepless nights for you.

Nilbo said...

Ten pounds of grandson on my chest and a football game on the TV. Heaven. I'm beginning to think Sundays are my reward for being so well-behaved for so many years.

Circus Kelli said...

Susie - You might be on to something there.

Ortizzle - MY famous cookies? I don't know that I have famous cookies -- unless I get them from other people. :)

Brudder - Oh, amen that. I'm glad you're back home safely.

Nilbo - Well-behaved?! YOU?! I nearly spit my orange juice all over my keyboard reading that. ;D

Nance said...

Fleece, and lots of it. No schedule, no makeup, and no plan. I'll be back at The Rock tomorrow after a nice 5-day break, and while there will be plenty of creatures, there will be precious little comfort.

Enjoy your day.

Bone Machine said...

Comfort? Is that allowed?

crazymumma said...

much like yours my dear....

Circus Kelli said...

Nance - Oooo. Fleeeeece. I saw some soft, lovely fleece at Kohl's today. It begged me to buy it and call it mine, but it wasn't meant to be... yet.

Bone - It may not be allowed, but it IS demanded.

CrazyMumma - Oh, wonderful!:)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Hmmm. Do I pick up the theme of “warmth” in that list of creature comforts?

eclectic said...

Comfort here in this weather feels like slippers, homemade waffles, and a crackly fire in the fireplace. Oh, and good blogfriends on the computer to read. Dang. I wish everyday were Sunday. *sigh*

Bone Machine said...

That reminds me of the time I went to get blood work done. I always preface their hatchet job by telling them that I hate needles and basically confessing to being a weenie.

Nurse Molly Hatchet tried to be comforting by instructing me to go to my "happy place" before ramming a piece of metal through my skin and sucking out some blood.

In the afterglow moment, she asked where I went. "Did you go to the ocean or the mountains?"

I quickly realized that I didn't have a "happy place." "No, ma'am. I'm right here with a needle in my arm."

I'm a classic example of a buzzkilljoy.

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