Dressing Up

So, this week, I've attempted to dress a little better at the office. On Monday, after three different outfits, I settled on a black skirt and dusky rose jacket combo. Three people asked me if I was interviewing. Apparently, it's been too long since I've dressed up at work.

Tuesday, my boss wasn't in so I wore boot cut jeans with a loooong purple sweater and white blouse and ankle boots. Comfy, but still not entirely slobbish.

Today, my boss was back in the office and I wore what I considered to be a nice outfit. Black pants, and a blue and black shirt with a cool pattern on it and black heels.

See? Not too terribly shabby.

Around 4:00pm, I scooted my chair back, stretched my legs out in front of me and flexed and twirled my ankles before getting up from my desk to run down to the mailroom. As I did so, I noticed something.

Do you see it?

I went through the whole day wearing one dark navy blue shoe and one black shoe.

Maybe I should pick out my clothes tonight before bed and have the kids check to make sure I'm all matching tomorrow before we leave the house.


wordgirl said...

Um...I think I would have made exactly the same mistake. Totally.

Jen M. said...

OMG I have DONE that!! Too funny! This is what motherhood/working does to women ;)

I was in court when I looked down (years ago) and saw the same image as in your picture - how funny!

Susie said...

I told you you should let us dress you. I KNOW one of us would have said, "Kelli, make sure your shoes match."
I started dressing better at work this week, too. Monday I was a slob. Tuesday (after I learned we were doing a HOT calendar shoot), I was accused of "showing some leg."
(Not to be confused with the intern accused of "showing her entire ass.")

Nilbo said...

Your credentials for the red carpet at the Oscars are hereby revoked.

Brudder doug said...

Always, always Navy and Black have been a problem for me. When I used to sort socks, I'd get them in the sun, that is about the only way I could tell the difference.

Other than that they were mates weren't they ? Heck Sis, anyone who noticed was being picky anyhow and looking to find fault I think.

You look spiffy !

Circus Kelli said...

Wordgirl - Good to know I'm not alone.

Jen - I do believe you're right. So, I should blame my kids? :)

Susie - Ok missy. Tell me what I should wear tomorrow. And of COURSE you're showing some leg! You got some sexay gams!

Nilbo - Are you kidding?! I've seen some of the stuff those women wear! Surely mismatched shoes is some sort of fashion statement...

Brudder - Thank you! Nobody noticed but me. And yeah... they were mates... I had another pair in the closet at home just like them.

Word Ver: JEBTV -- Who's Jeb?

Laura said...

That is something I would do. You are not alone!!! LOL
And that's a beautiful outfit!

LadyBug said...


A simple mistake, really, and nowhere near as bad as my own shoe mixup a couple years ago.

Love and hugs, sweetie.

eclectic said...

I did that exact same thing -- one navy, one black -- when I was in Florida. SOOOO embarrassing, especially since my secretary noticed before I did.

Effie said...

what is good is that they were the same STYLE of shoe at least! Not too noticeable--nobody probably even saw--except for the whole internet that is...

Love the sweater though!

Circus Kelli said...

Laura - Thank you!

Ladybug - Hahahahaha! You win! :)

Eclectic - Thankfully no one noticed my faux pas -- or if they did, they had the grace to just giggle about it behind my back.

Effie - Well yeah, I had to tell you guys! Thank you!

Bone Machine said...

This is why I only wear black shoes.

Annejelynn said...

too cute!

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