Falling Back and Simple Math

We changed our bedroom clock before we went to bed last night to reflect the "falling back" one hour in the clocks this weekend. We did NOT, however, change any of the other clocks in the house.

Our bedroom clock is set 50 minutes fast. This gives me some pause, especially in the early mornings. In order to determine the correct time, I simply add ten minutes, then subtract the hour. For instance, if it says the time is 6:30, adding 10 minutes would be 6:40, and subtracting the hour would make it 5:40. Convaluted, I know... but that's me.

This morning, however, I struggled with the concept of "correct" time. Buddy bounded in like he usually does on the weekends -- bright, cheerful, a tad loud, and very enthusiastic about the day ahead. "Mom! Can we eat beckfist?!" I could hear the girls playing in the other room, and knew they sent the "most likely to succeed" in to ask the question.

I blearily turned to the clock -- Ok, so... our clock says 7:30am... add ten minutes...subtract the hour... ok, it's 6:40am... but we didn't change the kid's alarm clocks, so they're an hour ahead still... unless they changed them... and it's awfully light out... and I'm mighty sleepy still... and they're mighty awake... ummm...


"Ughmp. Um... just a couple more mintues, ok?"


Brudder doug said...

Heather told me, "Don't forget to set the clocks back before you go to bed now."

So I stumbled my way through it, stove clock,kitchen clock, living room clock, Heather's bedroom clock and mine too.

Only trouble is that I set them an hour ahead. Urrgh

Complaints when I went in to reset Heather's clock, but as GWB said, "Mission accomplished !" but I wasn't wearing a full flight suit and landed on the carrier to make the statement. Thinking about it, perhaps I did a tad better.

Bone Machine said...

If we're going to change time, I'd like to adjust it to the Christmas vacation. Maybe set it to like the year 2098. None of this hour crap.

WILLIAM said...

Your clock setting..add 10 minutes subtract an hour is quite confusing.

Laura said...

We set the clock on the microwave, and that was it. Had intended to reset the house clocks but didn't get around to it.

The next morning, I had to run to Target, which doesn't open on Sunday till 9a.m. So I see on our bedroom clock that it's 8:45, and I started rushing, wondering where the time went.
Got all dressed, ran out to the car, forgot my car keys, ran back in the kitchen to get them, and noticed the microwave clock was 8 a.m.

eclectic said...

I didn't set anything at all on Saturday. I just waited until we awoke on Sunday, then checked my cell phone (which automatically adjusts to the correct time), and made all the various clocks match my cell. Why yes, I AM lazy! And thanks for noticing. ;)

Circus Kelli said...

Brudder - An hour ahead? Wow, you ended up getting TWICE the benefit of the time change!

Bone - Oh, yeah... I like that idea... except, maybe we just set it to any vacation...

William - I know. That's why I typically just pick up the phone we have in the bedroom to look at the time...

Laura - Egads.

Eclectic - Girl, you are so far from lazy I'm surprised you even know how to SPELL it. :)

Bone Machine said...

What's a vacation?

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