It's in the Jeans

In the past couple of years, I've noticed my, um, curves becoming a bit more, how shall we say, pronounced. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the extra 15 (give or take) pounds I've discovered on the scale. Still, this fact has had me on a continuous quest for the perfect pair of jeans.

Before kids, it wasn't so much a problem to find the perfect jeans. Three kids and 15 (give or take) pounds later, it gets a little trickier to find those jeans. Ladies, you know the jeans I mean. The jeans that don't make you look dumpy or old or like you're trying too hard to hang on to your youth (or like you're trying hard not to breathe and blow the leg seams out), or God forbid - Mom Jeans.

While I was out Christmas shopping with Punkin a couple of days ago, (yes, at Kohl's, why do you ask?) I remembered I needed a new pair of jeans. The two pairs I had left that still fit me were "dying." One pair has a hole in the knee, and the other got tossed in the dryer (again) by mistake. With dread, I approached the stacks and stacks of jeans. I picked up two pair of jeans I thought would fit and was headed to the fitting room when I spotted jeans with the tag -- "Curvy Jeans". I'll confess to making a kind of Tim Allen grunt as if to say "What have we here?" I thought, "Heh, why not?" They didn't have them in a long length, so I picked up a pair in the size I had hoped would fit with medium length.

Pair number one fit, but... ehhh. I wasn't sure about them. I turned this way and that, contemplating. Punkin said they looked fine (but she was bored out of her mind even though she begged to come with me in the first place - never take the word of a bored 10 year old).

Pair number two refused to be pulled up past my knees. Obviously, the size on the jeans was incorrect. I'm sure it wasn't *me*.

I picked up the "Curvy Jeans." Looked at them again. Pulled them on... Oh. Heeeeeeyyyy. They pulled right up, no fussing at all. And they buttoned! And zipped without trouble! I could breathe! Another bonus! I turned this way and that again, contemplating. I checked the length -- just long enough to allow me to wear shoes without it looking like I was waiting for a flood. I could even wear my boots with them! The length was perfect! Whoa. Momma likey! Punkin even said they looked good (I'm sure I detected a little more enthusiasm this time, surely I wasn't making that up. Punkin *wanted me* to have these jeans.)

Now, it could be that "Curvy" is the female equivalent of "Husky", but I don't care, and don't tell me if you know because I don't want to hear it. I refuse to go to the Levi's site and look up the "definition" of "Curvy" to see where the jeans have more room or how they're different from the other styles. I just know that I *love* my new favorite jeans, my Curvy 529 Levi's Jeans. I am going to wear them as much as I can and never ever throw them in the dryer, never.

Clearly, someone, somewhere finally realized we're not all the stick figures with sunken cheekbones and eating disorders in the advertisements. Some of us are curvy.


Bone Machine said...

I'm pretty picky about jeans and it's damn difficult to find them. I don't want bell bottoms, boot cut, or the kind that are 27 sizes too big. I also hate those jeans that are made to look like a mechanic slept in said pants for 2 weeks under a '72 Pinto.

Levi's 512 are perfect. Preferably black, but they don't seem to make them anymore.


Sharkey said...

Hmmm . . . I, too, could use the Husk--er, CURVY jeans. Perhaps I'll have to make use of that 15% Kohl's coupon that's already in my purse.

Maddy said...

Doesn't matter what size you are it's still really hard to find a good fit. If it wasn't for elastic waistbands and jeans that have low cut waists I'd be lost. Mind you lycra helps.

Levi's sales rep said...

"Curvy" is our line created for only the sexiest, hottest, funniest, most intelligent jeans wearers.

Buy Levi's.

MrPhred said...

Curvy good. Stick bad.

Nance said...

How on earth does anyone ever find anything at Kohl's? I absolutely am defeated by that store. Seriously, I have never, EVER found a thing in there. I mean, literally, been able to locate anything. And the only desirable thing I've ever found was my fantastic flamingo coffee mug, which some idiotic custodian broke in the lounge. Sigh.

Yikes. How did this comment end up venting about the slovenly help at my school? Sigh. digression...

eclectic said...

Go Curvy!!! All I know is, when you find a pair of jeans that fits, it's cause for celebration no matter what the name. Yay!!!

Susie said...

My best-fitting jeans are Lardasse brand.
Hey, they had a flamingo mug at Kohl's? My kid's all about the flamingos. I gotta get over there...

Laura said...

Kohls has just moved into our area and the grand opening was a few weeks before Thanksgiving.
Like Nance, I've had a hard time finding things to fit from their stock. It seems like they have a lot of clothes to look at, but I always leave empty handed. I can't find ANYTHING in there. my daughters have said the same thing. I'll go back anyway, and look for the curvy jeans. I've always been curvy! LOL.

Ever notice that a good jean is so hard to find, but once we find it, we keep them forevvvvvver?
(or at least as long as they're sort of still in style!)

Nilbo said...

I think the only fair thing is to post pictures and ask THE QUESTION:

"Do these jeans make my ass look fat?"

We'll be kind. We promise.

Brudder doug said...

Heh, didn't have much to start with for clothes to make me look handsome.
Nowadays I love me some warm comfy sweats, soft shirts, (long sleeved for cold weather) and comfy slippers.

GO Curvy ! ! ! !

Circus Kelli said...

Bone - I'm picky about jeans, too.

Sharkey - Do it, darlin! That's what I did!

Maddy - Sometimes, Lycra does more than "help" -- sometimes, it's a saviour!

Levi's Sales Rep - Uh, yeah, but *I* bought 'em. You really need to screen your customers better...

MrPhred - Hee! I'm gettin' gooder every day!

Nance - Come with me, darlin. I'll help you find stuff at Kohl's. :)

Eclectic - Absoloodley!

Susie - Lardasse! That's funny!

Laura - See my comment to Nance.

Nilbo - No way! I know the answer to that question! ("No, it's your fat ass that makes your ass look fat!")

Brudder - Love you!

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