'Tis the season for leftovers...

Punkin's party was yesterday, and in spite of quite a lot of 'tude from the little clowns, the party was very nice. I got a chance to talk with both of my sisters (Dit and A.J.), and quite a few people commented on what a "character/comedian" Sweet Pea was -- in a "Oh! Is she FUNNY! Good luck with that..." kind of way. (Sweet Pea and Punkin were in rare form yesterday)

When the guests arrived at 2:00pm, the house was clean and decorated and smelling like Italian beef and the best taco dip on the planet. Anytime the doorbell rang, it was immediately followed by the rumble of the clown stampede coming from somewhere deep inside the house to answer the door. God help you if you were in the way.

By 9:00pm last night, the house was mostly back in order, the kids were finally in their beds enjoying their cake and fruit punch induced comas, and the two of us adults were exhausted.

This morning, the kids are off playing quietly in one of the bedrooms. I'm catching up on my blogfriends while the dishwasher hums quietly behind me. The lovely Aunt Shelley will be here in a while to entertain the kids for the afternoon visit with the clowns because she couldn't be at the party yesterday. She will also be bringing lunch with her, bless her heart.

I plan on not doing very much at all today, except maybe eating in a "continuously grazing" kind of way. We have a few leftovers from the party...

Mmmmm... leftover treats and cake. Butter cookies from Our Erika. I'm going to eat these butter cookies for lunch upstairs in my room the door locked so I don't have to share them with the kids... oops, did I say that out loud?

Leftover dishes in the sink from the party (and breakfast this morning) that didn't fit in with all the other dishes in the dishwasher. (Round two of the dishwasher will commence later today.)

Leftover decorations from the "sure, here, you three clowns can decorate *in the other room* while Mom and Dad finish the other party preps" diversion.

All that's leftover from the opening of gifts and party set up

Punkin's flowers from the party

The rest of the leftover food from the party is in here. On the up side, I shouldn't have to do any real cooking for the next week.

The fun part? I get to do this all over again mid-December (ah, but not today. Today, I rest). I hope we're able to get rid of these leftovers before then... anyone want any Italian beef? Cake? Ice cream?


Nilbo said...

the Queen of Kids' Birthday Parties. When you talked in your last post about an upcoming party, I knew you'd pull it off perfectly - and how about that - you did. Yay, you. Now, relax and catch your breath.

Oh, and anybody who does something so well CLEARLY has a passion for it and (perhaps secretly) enjoys it. Just in case you think you're fooling anyone.

Bone Machine said...

It's good to see the root beer food group represented.

eclectic said...

Looks like the perfect party! Yay!!

But, I had to laugh when you said you "...shouldn't have to do any real cooking for the rest of the week." HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Honey, I hate to break it to you, but Thursday is Thanksgiving. But the leftovers should see you through to Wednesday anyway. ;)

WILLIAM said...

Hey CK. I chuckle at Italian Beef.

Maddy said...

Perhaps I should hire your services as we have two birthdays in December.

Well done you.

platypus said...

It sounds as though you did a wonderful job! You know Punkin will appreciate it. This is the sort of thing she'll remember when she's older. :)

Nance said...

Save me a pink cookie.

Circus Kelli said...

Nilbo - Shush. I AM fooling everyone. I AM.

Bone - Of course. You can't make root beer floats without the root beer. Because then, it's just a float and those just aren't as tasty.

Eclectic - Dude. I don't *do* Thanksgiving. I just show up at someone else's house and eat.

William - Of course you did.

Maddy - Welcome!! I would love to help you out, but I'm already overbooked with a birthday party and hostessing Christmas Eve dinner for the inlaws... :)

Platy - She'd BETTER remember it!! ;) (hee hee!)

Nance - Oooohhh... um, yeah... about the pink cookies... someone ate 'em. Not me, of course...

Lynn said...

The leftovers look good. Sign me up for some cake.

The Kept Woman said...

Frankly I think the best part of entertaining is the leftovers.

LOVE munching on appetizer and sweeta for the next week...yum..

Ortizzle said...

So obviously, there ain't no darn cookies left for me, either. Gee, thanks, C.K. --I just knew I could count on you to take care of the leftovers. ;-)

Circus Kelli said...

Lynn - You got it.

TKW - Yeppers!

Ortizzle - Ya gotta be quick when there are butter cookies around.

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