Oh, the things I've seen

Last month, I seen lots of things... I even took pictures of them.

There were Fall Things

Yep. Corn.

Fall colors out the (somewhat foggy) windshield of an externally flameless Mommyvan

And Really Big Food Things

ONE (very deliciously yummy) pecan coffee cake. It was HUGE. I shared it with three people and it STILL took me a week to finish it.

HUGE croissants. HUGE I say! And, yummy, too.

And Funny Food Things

"Really strong MANLY mints"

And Strange Food Things

I was following this truck for some of my commute one day, and this banana was so... odd. I was compelled to take a picture of it.

And Some Funny Things

Another photo opp during my commute

This homeowner is serious and not to be trifled with

I smiled every time I went past this sculpture. It has since been replaced with a different one. I miss it.

You'll never catch me coppah! Well, mostly because you weren't after me, but whatever...

Truly, though... these were the cutest things evah! Buddy's socks. Now that the weather warrants wearing socks (heh, say that five times fast!), Buddy has rediscovered his socks. Bio-Mom and Grandpa Choo-Choo got these when they went to Alaska earlier this year. Buddy loves them. He'll be the first one to tell you how cute his socks are...

Cute Socks! With doggies!

I was instructed (by Buddy) to take a picture of the bottom of his socks, too. The bottom of Each. Sock. I didn't post a picture of the bottom of the other sock, but trust me. It looks just like this one.


Lynn said...

I really like the light effects you have here, Kelli. Oh, and let's not forget the croissants. Croissants are good, too. :-)

Sharkey said...

I bet that homeowner could market those signs. I'd consider buying one.

Lovin' the socks--those aren't the dogs that are pooping in that guy's yard, are they?

Brudder doug said...

Love Buddy's socks especially the soles. I know why wanted the pic of them - - they are truly unique.

We have some weird sculptures in our town too. But -- it takes all kinds.
The owner of that truck must be a bit bananas.

Getting back to the socks, they sure look warm and comfy, wonder if they make adult sizes ?

WILLIAM said...

Stop Gloabl Whining. I need to get me that sticker

eclectic said...

Your title reminds me of "Oh the places you'll go" by Dr. Seuss, and I LOVE me some Dr. Seuss!! And also, croissants. Could you just toss one this way? Thanks.

Bone Machine said...

That banana is rather vulgar.

Circus Kelli said...

Lynn - Thank you! Croissants are VERY good.

Sharkey - I drove by this house again while I was out and about a week later, but it was gone. And no, the doggies on the socks did NOT poop in that guy's yard.

Brudder - Aren't they something? They just make me smile. Buddy will tell you they're cute, too.

William - me too!

Eclectic - I'll toss one of the croissants your way, but make sure you catch it. Those things were big enough to do some damage if lopped at the side of someone's head. ;)

Bone - Vulgar? This coming from some guy on the internet named BONE MACHINE. (yeah, I thought it was a little um, vulgar-ish, too.)

Nance said...

Wow. The dog poop sign is...well, 'strident' comes to mind. That, and ... never mind, I'll just leave it at 'strident.'

Circus Kelli said...

Whenever I hear the word "Strident", I think of the "Trident" gum.

Now I have to go look up "strident".

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