I could be losing my mind, or maybe it's just the holiday season, but I'm forgetting things. A LOT lately.

Today, I went out to a specific store during my lunch hour today to get six things. I was happy that I would only have to go to this store and I'd be "done" shopping. I hunted around the store and although I didn't find the exact things I've been looking for, I found a few things that will do quite nicely. I waited in line, and finally made it to one of the few cashiers in the store. All of them seemed peeved that there were so many customers in the store. Lovely attitude.

I was nearly all the way back to work when I realized I'd just bought five things -- not six.

Wednesday, after dropping the girls off at school, I had to buzz back home and pick up a blazer to go over the oxford shirt I was wearing. It is usually cold at the office, and I didn't want to feel like a total slob.

Tuesday, after dropping the girls off at school, I had to buzz back home and pick up my winter boots. In spite of never forgetting the fact that there was a winter storm on the way, I'd forgotten my winter boots.

When Buddy and I arrived at his school, he wanted to change from his winter boots into his shoes. That's when I realized I'd forgotten to bring his gym shoes with to school. Luckily, he was happy about wearing his new winter boots all day.

Monday... hmm... now I've forgotten what it was that I forgot on Monday...

And it's contagious... this morning Punkin looked at me pleadingly when we'd just arrived at her school to drop her off "Mom! I've forgotten my homework! Can you *please* go get it?!" Back home I buzzed to get Punkin's homework and drop it off at her school for her.

This is just not good!

I've got lists, and I know where they are and I write things on them daily and cross them off... We've been getting things ready for the morning the night before, and I still forget things.

Tell me it's not just me. You do that too, right? Right? Maybe it's just the holiday season...

What do you do so you don't forget stuff?


Platypus said...

I forget things all the time. So much so, that I have taken to telling my family I have 'Mad Cow' like Denny Crane on Boston Legal. To try and get round this, I write lots and lots and lots of lists. If I am in the house with the list in front of me then I'm fine but if it's in my pocket or I'm not looking at it then I'm stuffed. I think it's a sign of overload and, yes, it's always worse at this time of year.

Hang in there!

Sharkey said...

I've posted about this before too--I can't remember anything anymore.

Sometimes when I'm sitting here on my laptop at night, I'll send myself an email (to my work account) so I remember to do things the next day. Voice mails work too.

But you can't exactly phone ahead and tell yourself to remember your blazer. ;)

eclectic said...

What do I do so I don't forget stuff? I don't know...I forgot.

Actually, mostly I just wake up in the middle of the night, REPEATEDLY, panicking over something I need to remember. My uncle calls it "CRS disease." (Can't remember sh*t.)

Doug said...

Heh, string around finger ? Tried it - didn't work.
Write myself notes ?
Find them two weeks later, or after they have been through the washer with my shirt.
Remind myself strongly to remember.
Never did work.

If you find a sure fire way to remember, pleas Sis do let me know.

Mrs. G. said...

I post a list on my door and don't leave until I've checked it. I also put things I know I will need by the door to remind myself. But that said, you just have a moderate case of Momnesia.

Circus Kelli said...

Platy - Thanks, love! If my lists get any more detailed, they'll say stuff like "breathe in, breathe out"

Sharkey - I emailed a message to my work address last weekend so I didn't forget to do something, too! But, yeah, you're right... kinda difficult to leave yourself a message in advance...

Eclectic - Your Uncle may be on to something there...

Doug - If I find a way to remember, I may have forgotten that I was going to tell you about it. I'll have to add that to my list... ;)

Mrs. G - MOMNESIA!!! I *LOVE* that! Thank you for my new word!! :)

Casdok said...

um i dont know - i forgot!

Be Inspired Always said...

My memory is the worst. I carry a recorder with me, it's pocket sided. That way I can repeat back to myself what I need to do. I also use it in my writing, if I didn't I wouldn't ever met a deadline.

I'm new to your blog, please feel welcomed to come and visit mine.


Lynn said...

I make lists. :-) It keeps me from forgetting things AND makes me feel more organized. If I'm frazzled enough, I will even put no-brainer type things on the list!

Bone Machine said...

It's just the brain cells shivering. Everything will be fine when the winter crap goes elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Well... you're getting old, so there's nothing you can do to change it. It's gonna get worse!!!

BUT! there are things you can do, as you wisely asked. They don't work all the time because you'll forget. Boy, is that ever annoying.

Some things I do:
(Because I'm old, seriously)

I leave visual reminders everywhere. For example, the Blockbuster video goes IN my purse, not on the kitchen counter top. Once in the car, I put it on my lap.

I keep those 20% off coupons for Linens & Things and Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohls, etc etc etc in my car, cause I always forget to bring them otherwise.

I left a can of paint next to the front door the other day to remind me to pick up another can... etc.
I actually brought the can with me, cause I knew I was running a lot of errands and I'd forget to p/up the paint.

Lists, lots of list...
I email myself, cause there are times when I go online to check my mail and a few hours later, realize I've forgotten about the rest of my life.... LOL

anonymously yours,
Laura VSea

Nance said...

I used to forget things constantly. CONSTANTLY. One thing that helped is that I've streamlined my life immensely. When your kids are little, you can't do that so much, but I've learned over the years to stop trying to multi-task ALL THE TIME. It causes forgetfulness. It truly does. There's only so much you can do in a day. Period. Or while you're on the phone. Or waiting in a line. Sometimes, you have to just do one thing at a time and that's it. Stop trying to expect so damn much of yourself.

And make lists. LOL.

Bone Machine said...

My goal is to forget that I forget things and then I will truly achieve nirvana.

WILLIAM said...

I tell my wife not to let me forget it. And when she forgets to tell me...I can blame her.

Jen M. said...

I forget.

If I don't have my planner open and on my car's seat I will forget everything.

I drink green tea, I do all those mind bender "keep your memory" agility things...and the stress keeps me senile I guess.

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