Let Me Be A Warning To You

Don't let this happen to you this holiday season...

So, this evening, I finished my holiday shopping... except for one more thing which may not be available yet... oh, and something for me from Santa.

Any presents we may or may not have for the clowns are all wrapped and stashed away "somewhere in the house."

There are about a half dozen or so presents that are left to wrap.

I've *thought* about addressing our Christmas cards... but I have to get the "present wrapping station" that is our dining room table all cleaned up before Buddy's birthday party this Saturday (which reminds me, I have to order the food for Buddy's birthday party this Saturday... and do the grocery shopping for it Friday night), so the cards are gonna have to wait a little bit... but I'm getting antsy about them.

There are also treats to make up, too.

I'm *thisclose* to being finished with my latest project at work - address and seal 400 Christmas cards. I finished addressing them all this afternoon.

Saturday night, I went to bed peaceful and content -- without a care in the world. Every single dream I had dealt with all the stuff I need to do for home, work, kids, etc. Every time I woke up from any of the dreams, my mind immediately went into overdrive with the mental to-do list.

I'm starting to feel a little like that elf...

*** Update: And so, last night before I fell asleep, I thought "Hey God ol'buddy ol' pal, I could sure use a little extra "found time" to get some stuff done." Shortly after that, an ice storm blew through the area, closing local schools -- making today a "stay home day."

Coincidence? I think not...

Pardon me whilst I do a little happy dance and then go back to bed (what? It's only 5am as I type this)


Susie said...

You're in great shape. Except for the missing head, I mean. I'm waaaay behind.

And once again, I LOVE your banners for Christmas time. Very clever.

AND you've been nominated. For President of the United States. That is all.

Circus Kelli said...

Susie - I'm 're-running' last year's December design. I tried and tried and just couldn't come up with anything I liked better.

The missing head can only help me -- trust me on this.

President? Excellent! I'll finally be able to use those old lawn signs from previous candidates campaigns!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

That's what the little shit gets for wanting to be a dentist!!

Susie said...

No, you can't do better than that sweet face and those hilarious taglines. Don't mess with perfection.

WILLIAM said...

The elf looks awfully happy even though he is decapitated.

Nilbo said...

Snow days are the BEST. The day after snow days? Not so much.

And you have to learn to be more specific when you ask God for time. You got lucky this go-around. Thge Lord only knows how he'll create time for you next time. A tornado? "There ya go. No house, no work, no car ... you got all the time in the world!"

Circus Kelli said...

Mr B - Actually, I think it had something to do with his "middle elf sister"...

Susie - I love you.

William - There are days when I think I might be happier without my head, too.

Nilbo - I'm aware of how lucky I am. And you can't scare me, tomorrow will be great! (I'm trying to think positively here!)

AB said...

I'm not close to being finished but for some reason I'm not panicking this year. I have no idea why.


Maddy said...

5 a.m. Eek! We 'share' so much.
Best wishes

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

Nance said...


There. You feel super. I feel like crap.

Doug said...

Funny, my comment didn't take this morning.

The frantic season,
So much to do,
Much comes undone for no reason,
More piles up, oh boo hoo.

Hope you folks stay warm and with lights through the ice storm.

crazymumma said...

kelli...how on earth are you so together yet do so while headless?

eclectic said...

No tree, no decorations, no treats, no cards, NOT ONE GIFT purchased OR wrapped... just call me Scrooge, I guess.

In my defense, however, I've been in court more in the past two weeks than in my entire previous life. And yes, that IS what I plan to tell all my disappointed customary recipients when they ask why... ! And hey, if you're ordering up snow/ice days, how about sharing the love, eh? I could use a couple of those to close the court system here. Any suggestions?

Oh, The Joys said...

That photo is so funny. It should be your Christmas card!

Bone Machine said...

"You can't kill me I'm already dead, I'm like that horseman ain't got no head..." --Tommy Womack

Scratch "horseman" and add "elfen bastage."

Rising Rainbow said...

Ya, I kinda feel like that elf too. But I haven't even started any of the things on my list, I'll really be in bad shape by Christmas.

Platypus said...

I'm with Eclectic - although have not been in court! Well done you for getting everything sorted out. Stumpy comes home tomorrow and then the madness begins!

Maddy said...

I'm not into this snow thing one little bit, however, the idea of a snow day at home does have a certain appeal!

Jen M. said...

Oooh - why, WHY didn't I think to pray for snow??

I took one look at the elf and related to your post immediately.

I had two glasses of wine with dinner last night (dumb!) and now am groggily facing a day of craft making (kindergarten), cookie baking (cookie exchange) and house cleaning (life).

I am NOT even going to think about hte unsent cards ;)

Here's to good dreams!!

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