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Today, I went on an expedition. (not to be confused with IN an Expedition)

Nearly three years ago, we moved into our current home. I had packed some toys in a large tote and sealed it before moving it here and putting it in our basement. I had also put some of Punkin's old clothes in totes and moved them here (to the basement) too. Over the past few years, I've also added some things of my Grandmother's to the basement, as well as more and more bags of clothes that also no longer fit Punkin * (the kid just keeps GROWING! Sheesh!)

Somewhere after November 1st, and in the middle of the "two birthdays three holidays and nine hundred other things that need to be done" season, Hubby asked if I was going to get around to sorting through some of the bags and boxes that had been accumulating in the basement. He caught me on a good day, and rather than tear his head off because he even dare to suggest that I should add MORE WORK to my list, I slapped a smile (or at least "not a sneer") on my face and as calmly as I could said that I would get to it after the holidays were over.

Guess what? The holidays are over (as evidenced by the collection of boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations still sitting in our foyer). Since Hubby has been working on finishing off the basement, I thought it a good idea to sort through the totes and bags and boxes before he drywalls them into a closet. Most of the bags and boxes could still be manuevered out of the soon-to-be closet throught the joists, while others had to be extricated through the door.

I schleped boxes, bags and totes up to the dining room that served as a staging area and was amazed at what I'd discovered:

  • The dilapitated Madame Alexander baby doll I had as a kid (which I've given to the girl clowns to play with)
  • My high school jacket (which Punkin said she wants to wear)
  • That tote full of Barbies we thought were lost forever (and which the clowns played with all over Punkin's bedroom for the majority of the day)
  • A whole "new" wardrobe for Sweet Pea
  • All sorts of clothes that I fondly remember Punkin wearing just yesterday, I'm sure of it

  • Sweet Pea had been a little low on clothes that fit her, and I thought I'd be doing some shopping today. As it turned out, she now has more than enough to keep her well-clothed far into the summer... of 2010 and beyond.

    Also discovered were some of my Grandmother's "keepsakes" -- pictures and newspaper clippings and even a short story I wrote eons ago when I was Punkin's age.

    The kids were just as pleased and surprised as I was at all we discovered. As I sorted through clothes downstairs, I heard Punkin exclaim "I am LOVING finding all the stuff I thought I would never see again!"

    Dare I say, it was almost fun finding all that buried treasure.

    * Yes, the other two clowns also continue to grow, but there is no reason to keep their clothes in the house after they've outgrown them -- I give those clothes away to friends, family, or GoodWill.


    jenn @ juggling life said...

    It's always nice to take a trip down memory lane.

    Sharkey said...

    Wanna come here and go through our basement now? We have to put the Christmas decorations away tomorrow, and I can hardly stand to go down there.

    Circus Kelli said...

    Jenn - That it is. :)

    Sharkey - Hmmm... yeah... lemme think 'bout it, k? :)

    eclectic said...

    Yeah, you can give clothes and toys to the goodwill, but what do you do with all the papers? I swear, schools are KILLING trees right and left with ALL THE FRICKIN' PAPERS!!! Gah! I can't keep the house free of the paper storm. HELP ME!!

    Gretchen said...

    Must be cabin fever. I'm going through my kitchen because it's small and I want to redo it. I figure I better clear out the stuff we haven't touched for 12 years first and try to work with what I've got.

    Bone Machine said...

    I'm sticking with the sneer. It's much more fun and besides, I need to give my frown muscles a break every now and then.

    Lynn said...

    So... you gonna keep the barbies?

    WILLIAM said...

    My wife and I rotate toys just for this reason.

    Circus Kelli said...

    Eclectic - Going through all those papers is a different project...

    Gretchen - Great plan!

    Bone - Sneers have a time and place. That wasn't it. :)

    Lynn - You know it, darlin. I'd have to pry them outta my girls' hands at this point. It's not worth it. :)

    William - Your wife is a genius... you're not so bad either. :) (Your kitchen looks fabulous!)

    Jen M. said...

    I played with Madame Alexanders, too, as a kid!!

    crazymumma said...

    It is like unearthing a tomb. (A happy tomb).

    Mrs. G. said...


    anastasia beaverhausen said...

    Ahh! A tote full of Barbies? Score! I would love to locate all my old Barbies and their accessories. I think they were thrown away.

    thelairoftheplatypus said...

    Funnily enough Stumpy and I did something similar over the holidays when we cleared out the attic. It's not big but I was amazed at the sheer volume of stuff I'd managed to cram in there and we found all sorts of treasures!

    Nance said...

    Somewhere in my crawlspace is a box that I have not unpacked since our move 23 years ago. How pathetic are we? Probably we have things that would garner gasps and cardiac arrests on "Antiques Roadshow."

    Nah. Probably not.

    Effie said...

    aaaah, memory lane


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