New Year, New Perspectives

Our New Year was pretty quiet. The kids played and had baths and got into their jammies as the evening wore on. Buddy fell asleep around 9 or 10 (which is pretty late for him) and the girls stayed up with us watching the ball drop in Times Square. Sweet Pea promptly fell asleep on me moments later, and only Punkin remained somewhat awake with us past 11pm. Hubs and I each carried a "little" upstairs and tucked them into bed before going to bed ourselves.

I've been back at work for two days now, and it's been good. The work flow isn't too busy -- just busy enough, I'd say. The kids are "coming down" from Christmas, and doing well. Next week we will all be fully back to what passes for normal around the big top. I'll also be out of leftovers by that time and will have to get back to the business of actually cooking dinners rather than merely reheating.

I haven't done any heavy duty reflecting on my life/who I am/who I want to be this year, but I did decide to make some small changes. If those changes stick, I'll make a few more small changes. If the changes don't stick, I won't decide I'm a failure who can't do anything right -- I'll take a deep breath and start over again.

Mrs. G inspired me with her recent post. I've been considering how I can apply her thinking to my life, and I've come up with this list:

  • I will be happy with myself, who I am, right this moment
  • I will be aware of the negative self-talk and stop it
  • I will cut myself some slack
  • Me and my needs are just as important as everyone else's
  • I will do my best and then stop
  • I will improve myself
  • I will ask for help

  • That last one is difficult for me. I don't often ask for help, which sometimes lead to me feeling overwhelmed with things. I need to work on asking for help when I need it.

    Susie inspires me daily. The most recent idea of hers that I'm stealing borrowing is her "Thanksliving" list. I've kept a running list over the last couple of days and this is what I have so far:

    Thankful for:
  • The dramatic way the sun briefly shone through the clouds this morning, and the ability to see it in that moment before it disappeared.
  • The kids getting ready to go leave the house this morning without the bickering and whining that seem to be omnipresent each weekday.
  • Feeling better than I've felt in what seems like a very long time.
  • Fresh starts.
  • The sun pouring into the office where I work and warming me.
  • Bon Jovi. Seriously.

  • I'll keep working on the list and will figure out how I want to make it a part of my blog.

    In the mean time, I'll be here... juggling work, kids, husband, and home (and blog!) while finding small ways to feel better inside and outside.

    Now... can someone help me get all these Christmas decorations put away?? Anyone?


    eclectic said...

    Oooooh, oooooh.., I'll help!! Tell ya what, you drag my tree out to the curb and I'll box your decorations and haul them to the attic. I HATE dragging the tree to the curb, and I don't really have a reason. I just hate it. I like your new year ideas though. And I just love you!

    Laura said...

    Love the new design! And I'll be happy to email someone for you to ask them to help you put your Christmas stuff away, LOL.

    I don't think you need improving, btw... just so you know. Bet your kids would agree you're the best mommy ever. ;)

    Ortizzle said...

    Love your New Year's banner!

    Just leave the decorations up. Then they're all ready for next year, right? Alternative: give the kids a nickel for every ornament they can put away without breaking it. ;-)

    Nance said...

    How sad is this: I once had my doctor actually write on a prescription "cut yourself some slack" and hand it to me.

    I love my doctor. I used to cry there a lot.

    anastasia beaverhausen said...

    Took all of my decorations down yesterday. What a great feeling! And the living room seems much bigger now that the tree is gone.

    Circus Kelli said...

    E baby - I just love you! Tell you what, let's let someone else do the whole putting away Christmas thing. You 'n' me can sit on our butts and have a couple-a hot toddies!

    Laura - Thank you! I just leave the Christmas stuff up until I hear back from you and whomever answers your email, k?

    Ortizzle - Thank you! The design is based on an original artwork of Sweet Pea's. :)

    Nance - That's not sad -- that's one smart doctor! (Did the 'script come with refills?) :)

    AB - That IS a great feeling, isn't it?! I've actually started "moving" bits of Christmas to a corner of the dining room.

    WILLIAM said...

    Every day is an opportunity to do better. You taught me that. I say it every day.

    Bone Machine said...

    My goal is to offer more obscene hand gestures in 2008.

    I think this goal is within my reach.

    Doug said...

    I guess I have a typical male approach to the tree and ornament problem - - - - - file 13.

    Uh, except for the f=very few treasured ones.

    If all of yours are treasured, you do need help.

    Whatever and however have the happiest one eve.

    Circus Kelli said...

    Hey there, William.

    Bone - Absoloodle. You go on with your bad goal-setting self!

    Doug - I think I've pretty well established that I need "help." ;)

    Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

    Giving daily thanks makes all the difference--every night I spend a few minutes feeling grateful for being in a warm bed, with a roof over my head, my healthy family tucked in their beds. I think this even if I was ready to run away home and truly join the circus earlier in the evening!

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