Over the holidays, I realized I had quite a stack of books that I haven't read yet. It could have something to do with the book exchange we now have here at work in our lunchroom. Whenever I wander in there, I scan the bookshelf for anything I haven't seen before. A few days ago, I finished "Gap Creek." An interesting book.

During my lunch time today, I started reading the book my SIL gave me at Christmas. After reading the Mom character talk about her two year old girl who was diagnosed with leukemia, I want to fly out of work and go hug each of our kids.

"I've only known her for two years. But if you took every memory, every moment, if you stretched them end to end--they'd reach forever."

My Sister's Keeper
by Jodi Picoult

Once I start reading a book, I sometimes have a difficult time putting the book down to do other things -- things like office work, or making dinner, or even sleeping. I've only read 35 pages of "My Sister's Keeper", and I'm hooked. (If you've read this book, don't tell me what happens!!)

Have you read Gap Creek? What did you think about it?

Do you have a favorite author?


Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I read everything.


I need to put those books on my list...

Maddy said...

I've not read it myself but I remember hearing it reviewed on the radio. Glad to hear that it's addictive. Let me know what you think when you get to the end - my nightstand is already groaning with 'must read' soon.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Liked Gap Creek. Loved, loved, loved My Sister's Keeper (and everything else Jodi Piccoult has ever written).

I am so bad about not being able to put a book down. I often start a book on Friday or Saturday and stay in bed on Sunday until it's finished.

WILLIAM said...

That book sounds sad. I only read uplifting books about Murders and crimes and serial killers.

I have a few fav authors.
Ridley Pearson.
Neil Gaiman (he is more scifi and fantasy so his books are about murder of fairies and such).
Brad Meltzer.
And Circus Kelli

Mrs. G. said...

I have read this book, and you are in for a wild ride. It is a good one!!!

I love Kaye Gibbons

eclectic said...

Hi Pork!!

//runs away, giggling

Bone Machine said...

Henry Rollins is my favorite author. The man is a genius.

Jen M. said...

I chew up anything written by Jodi Piccault - she is AMAZING. Truly. I will have to go check out the other one...I love books!

Lynn said...

I love William's comment. We seem to like the same stuff. Only it seems I will have to read some Neil Gaiman now. The murder of fairies amd such? Nothing like a good blend with sci-fi meeting reality. Sounds like something I would write. If I ever get published, I'm gonna market to William.

min said...

I have such a love/hate relationship with books like that. How can something make me cry and feel good at the same time.

a beaverhausen said...

I haven't read anything by Picoult, though I know several people who swear by her.

whatwasithinking said...

eclectic is a very bad person. (Because she beat me to it.)

I don't think I read Gap Creek, but I read "The Truest Pleasure," I think it was called, by the same author, and really liked it.

I'm reading Eat, Pray, Love now. I like it.

Mostly I like to read memoirs. I think that's why I like blogs so much, I like to read stories about people's lives. Some fiction authors I like are Anne Tyler, John Irving, Alice Sebold.

Annejelynn said...

I was just saying this very same thing... I had began reading Wicked several weeks ago. Once started, I couldn't put it down until I was done. With everything I had going, I still got it done in 4 days. My honey-man said he could see now why I don't read much fiction... "nothing else gets done." he's right!

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