Sunday Sunday Sunday

The house is quiet as I sit here.

I hear the hum of the dryer in the laundry room
The occasional rustle of newspaper from Hubby's breakfast place in the dining room
Whispy drifts of voices and sound from the playroom downstairs

The day stretches out in front of me
Blog surfing accomplished
Errands to run, some housework to do
Nothing is urgent and demanding my attention just now.

We had a very nice Saturday. Hubby took a break from working on the basement for a bit and the family had an unprecidented togetherness while watching a show we all enjoy. It was a lazy, lazy day. Some things were taken care of around the house, but again, nothing demanded our attention.

I've updated my Celebrity Apprentice commentary for those that are interested.

Have a good Sunday... I'm off to do... something... maybe... we'll see.


Mrs. Schmitty said...

Happy Sunday...I love days like that!

eclectic said...

I got the house cleaned today!!! I feel so good sitting here just being able to smell how clean everything is! I know it will be gone tomorrow... but for tonight, it feels clean in here. Happy Sunday, Kel!!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I do love a quiet house!

Nilbo said...


Circus Kelli said...

Mrs. Schmitty - Hi there! Thanks for commenting! I love days like that, too.

Eclectic - Ah! What a fantastic feeling, isn't it? I wouldn't know right now, but I remember when it was like that once...

Jenn - It is a blessing for a little while, isn't it?

Nilbo - Totally. I only ran to six different places yesterday, folded and put away laundry and made (and cleaned up after) three meals. ;)

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