What mutht be about thix or theven yearth ago now, during one of our vithitth to Florida, my Grandmother and I were up late one night talking in her kitchen. That'th what I did when we vithited there. I thtayed up late talking with her. Thothe thtolen momentth while everyone thlept remain thome of my favorite memorieth of her.

One evening during the courthe of our converthation, she began to tell me a thtory about the grandthon of one of her friendth. He wath very young at the time, and had a very pronounced lithp. If my Grandmother wath anything, she wath an excellent thtory teller. thhe had altho been accuthed (at leatht once) of being "part Italian" becauthe she talked with her handth.

The thtory about tham began. It theemth, thith little boy, Tham never let hith lithp thlow him down. Of courthe, hith parentth and grandparentth played into that frequently. Thith day, they began athking him about animalth.

Tham, tell me about your favorite animalth...

"Oh," thaid Tham. "I like... catth."


"And dogth."

"Oh yeth, they're nice. What other kindth of animalth do you like?"

Tham thought for a thecond and enthuthiathtically rethponded "Chipmunkth!"

Well, by now, the "grown upth" could barely contain their laughter, but Tham took no notice ath he continued to thoughtfully ponder hith favoriteth among the animal kingdom.

"THNAKETH!" thhouted Tham.

"No! Not thnaketh!" thnickered the grown upth.

"YETH! Thnaketh!" thaid Tham theriouthly.

By thith point in my Grandmother'th thtory about little Tham, the two of uth were laughing tho hard, we had tearth thtreaming down our cheekth. "Why?" you might athk... well becauthe! The whole time my Grandmother animatedly thpun out the thtory of little Tham and the chipmunkth and thnaketh, she lithped. I found mythelf lithping too ath I athked quethtionth and rethponded to her thtory.

Our ear-to-ear thmileth remained plathtered on our faceth ath we wiped the laughter from our eyeth. We calmed down and caught our breath and thnacked on thliceth of Pepperidge Farm Triple Layer Chocolate Cake and drank our milk. We had been in danger of waking the retht of the thlumbering houthe with our thillineth.

Grandma and I had fully recovered from the thtory by now, and ath we glanced at the clock, we realized it wath time for uth to retire for the evening... or early morning ath it happened to be. Unfortunately, ath we thaid our goodnightth, we realized we were thtill lithping quite thubthtantially. Which, of courthe, thet off the laughter once again.

There are many thingth I'll never know about my Grandmother; she could be a bit of a mythtery thometimeth. I will never forget, however, the thtory of little Tham and the chipmunkth and thnaketh.


whatwasithinking said...

Thath thome thtory, THE-K.

Thweet dreamth.

Doug said...

That thure wath a nith shtory This.

WILLIAM said...

IS there a CTL-ALT LisP Button on your computer? Because you did a damn fine job a making all the "S" to "TH"

Circus Kelli said...

Thuthie - Thomething told me you would apprethiate thith.

Doug - Thankth.

William - Why yeth, yeth there ith.

Jen M. said...

That was a GREAT story. It must have been hard to type, though!

Bone Machine said...

I think I got vertigo from reading it.

Mrs. G. said...

Thith ith tho thweet.

Nilbo said...


eclectic said...

Dang Nilbo... he took what I wath going to thay.

I love your Grandma!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Your grandma sounds wonderful.

Opera Gal said...

CK - I want to email you and didn't see a link? I have a completely unrelated question for you...?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Thankth for the memorieth!

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