Happy Thursday

Thursday was a better day.

Most definitely.

Happy Valentine's Day to you

How did you celebrate Thursday this week?


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

My highlight was the valentines I got from the students in the fifth-grade class where I student teach.

They were so sweet, and so heartfelt, and just so perfect!

Oh yeah, the flowers and candy from kids and hubby were nice too!

Character Builder said...

One thing that made me happy today was seeing Trace Adkins on Celebrity Apprentice. I was thinking of you, wondering if you were watching too. Being that he was the project manager, he actually talked a lot. I could sit and listen to him talk all night--love that voice!

Jason had to work late tonight, but he put dinner in the crock pot before he left, so when I got home from work, dinner was ready! Gotta love that!

Happy Valentine's Day!

WILLIAM said...

I probed.

Jen M. said...

I am so glad your Thursday was better.

Mine started out with the screaming kids, etc. but ended well. No fireworks, just a lovely evening.

eclectic said...

Bah. Humbug. A pox upon Valentine's Day.

Although truthfully, it was a lovely day, and my beloved knows my feelings about VD, so he cleverly gave me a valentine gift last weekend -- the new snowshoes I've been coveting for months!! Now THAT's romantic! Just don't give me flowers on a Hallmark day just to prove to the world that you're not a jerk. Bah. Humbug.

Glad your Thursday was a good one. Here's hoping the weekend will be, too!! Love you, Kellikins!

Nance said...

I kept falling asleep on the couch after dinner. Sigh. When did I get this old?

Bone Machine said...

My big Valentine's Day plans got totally derailed when no one showed up for the Chemistry class that I was supposed to work.

It made me cry.

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