It Will Be Okay

I've been feeling low for a couple of weeks... it's something that usually passes, either on it's own, or after an enormous effort to shed the funk on my part. Since waiting for whatever it is to pass on it's own doesn't seem to be working, I guess I'll have to help it along.

Today, I'll work on getting my house back in order - it's a shambles, and I have a friend coming over tonight. I need to at least get the house to a place where I'm ok about the level of shambles it is in.

They say that more snow and ice are on the way, so grocery shopping will be done today as well. Maybe tomorrow I'll impose a "no-work-stay-in-your-jammies-day" for us and see where the day takes us.

I am thankful for my friends (both online and off) and family. I am thankful for my husband most especially, that he loves me in spite of myself.


so NOT cool said...

Oh, how I relate to your funk and how difficult it is to get through, and how much effort it takes to help it pass.

I'm in a similar spot, a combination of my husband's absence due to work and, despite how much I love winter, the weather cancelling every plan that I make. So, like you, I'm trying to plug away at things around the house to make me feel better.

Good luck at getting past the funk and into a brighter spot.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Maybe having a friend over for dinner will help lift you up.

Your friends out in the blogosphere are rooting for your funkiness to fade.

Mrs. G. said...

If it makes you feel any better, my house is in shambles too. And I mean the-dining-room-table-can't-be-used-for-eating-because-is-covered-in-so-much-crap-kind of shambles. I'm glad you've got a friend coming over to help. I call this the annual February funk.

Hang in there, woman.

Bone Machine said...

Considering how widespread this funkiness has taken root, it must be some kind of evil lunar pattern. The proverbial "bad moon on the rise" that Creedence Clearwater Revival told us about in a prophecy.

Sharkey said...

I think your title says it all. And I'm sure a clean house, time with a friend, and maybe a glass of wine or two will help tremendously.

Add an all-day jammie fest on Sunday? You'll be on the mend by Monday. :)

whatwasithinking said...

This is a funky time of year, and I don't mean that in a Chaka Khan kind of way.
Chocolate can help. I have a fantasy (when WTF will allow) of a Winter Blues party. All desserts and wine, and everyone dressed in blue, and all the music has to be the blues OR have the word "blue" in the song . . .

kcinnova said...

February always seems to bring it on... too cold to send the kids out to play--or when you do, you suddenly have loads of wet/muddy laundry. Even pioneer women got the February blues (currently reading Laura Ingalls Wilder's The Long Winter to my 8yo).
An evening with a friend, perhaps a glass of wine, perhaps sharing a chick flick together...definitely talking and hopefully laughing...these things bolster your heart, mind, and soul, and soon you will feel the greenery of spring instead of the funk of February.

whatwasithinking said...

I tried to find you the video of "Get the Funk Outta Ma Face," but no luck. But I'm singing it for you in my heart.

eclectic said...

It can be a bleak time of year, to be sure. Sorry you have the blues, deary. Or is it the blahs? Either way, I wish I could send you some of the sunshine we've had here this weekend! It's melting the 2 and a half feet of snow covering my yard, and making everything sparkle (before the inevitable mud appears). Love and hugs. And if that doesn't work, try Bailey's. ;)

Lynn said...

I hope working in the house helped. I'm in a funk, too, and I tried to use the same strategy, but I was too tired. I wondered if I am getting sick or something, but then I remembered having to take allergy medicine last night. Sometimes it makes me tired. Did doing the shopping or having a friend over help you? I hope so, Kelli. You are way to sweet to be funky. :-)

Circus Kelli said...

So Cool - Good luck to you as well.

Jenn - Thank you, that helps.

Mrs. G - I'm hangin'. :)

Reverend Bone - You may be on to something there.

Sharkey - I do believe I'm on the mend.

Susie - Fantastic idea! I've never heard of that song... I'll bet it's a dandy, though. :)

KCinNova - I'm working on bolstering my heart, mind, and soul. Thank you for the encouragement.

Eclectic - I think it's the blahblues. Sunshine will help.

Lynn - Allergy medicine kicks my ass every time. I try to stay away from it if I can.

Cleaning the house, and dining with a friend helped. As well as an unscheduled "night off" that was spent with Bio-Mom. It will be okay.

Thanks, everyone. I appreciate the "you're not alone" more than you know.

Claudia said...

I can relate to your funk. It seems to be all over the place, all parts of the globe. It's nice to reach out and find someone that understands, that feels the same and does the same things to combat the 'darkness' that winter seems to bring. Chin up, the sun is around the corner....and days outside, smelling sweet earth and watching crisp green seedlings sprout will be here soon enough!!! :) Cheers from cold, gray Cape Cod!!

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