Marathon Thursday, Thankful Friday

Up and at 'em Thursday morning, getting dressed, dealing with missing pants for Punkin, Buddy stalling out and not "moving forward", Sweet Pea wearing the "good girl halo" for a change, and you can almost hear the William Tell Overature in the background.

Drop Punkin off at school, bring Sweet Pea AND Buddy to preschool (rather than have Sweet Pea go to school for a mere 1/2 hour, I opted to have her hang out with Buddy for a little while) then go on to work myself.

At 9:30am, I left work to pick both Sweet Pea and Buddy up to take them to an eye doctor's appointment an hour away. Thankfully, all went well there. The appointment didn't take too long and both children cooperated with the doctor. Sweet Pea REFUSED to talk to the doctor at all at her last eye appointment.

After that, the three of us stopped at Burger King before dropping Buddy back off at preschool. I dropped Sweet Pea off at her afternoon care facility before going back to work for a couple of hours before picking up Buddy from preschool again, then picking up Sweet Pea and heading home.

Thursday night was the first night of Punkin's school play, and she was very excited. Aunt Shelley came along to watch the play along with Sweet Pea, Buddy and I. (Tickets were limited, so Hubs and I and other family members are juggling who goes to which performance).

Friday and Saturday will be a bit "quieter", with only the play at night (and other family members coming over to attend the play those nights) and not so much running around during the day.

The sun has been out sporadically this week, and never for long enough. It snowed again last night, and the sky is gray once again today.

I'm thankful that February is coming to a close. The various shades of gray and white outside have gotten to me. I've been trying to lift myself up out of the gray with little projects -- blog redesign, getting more into GoodReads and Flickr, and contemplating some regular "light therapy*". It may be time for me to get back on the exercise bike, and make better choices about what I eat, too. It certainly couldn't hurt.

There is a restlessness inside me urging me to sit down and write/create, but I am at a loss about what I should write or create. There is also an urge to get into my comfy clothes and hibernate for a while. Perhaps it is just an urge to procrastinate on the things I know I should be doing -- a side effect of the endless gray and white days. Right brain / left brain civil war of sorts.

In and amongst all of this, I have discovered moments and things to be thankful for:

  • Talking with a pregnant coworker, feeling her joy and excitement and nervousness -- remembering what that was like, and feeling thankful for where I am now.

  • Watching Punkin standing tall on the risers at the play, singing along with the chorus, smiling at us watching her.

  • Receiving unsolicited hugs and words of love from Sweet Pea and Buddy. Knowing the tantrums from the past week are just a phase.

  • The whole circus laughing and singing and joking around while out and about in the family truckster the other night.

  • Things are good, most of the gray is just a passing phase.

    It's Friday.

    February is over.

    Bring on March and all it's "greening up" implications.

    * Say what you want about tanning, but I seem to get some benefit from the lights and the short nap I get when I go once or twice a week. Losing the "winter white" is nice, but truly, I go for the nap and the light and warmth.


    Mrs. G. said...

    Come on in March. Let's get this spring thing going!

    Circus Kelli said...

    Amen that, Mrs. G!

    Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

    I love your still life.

    Susie said...

    Your creativity is showing a lot lately.

    Yesterday, a dermatologist said to me (regarding Vitamin D), "Don't say I told you this, but you should go tanning. Cover your face and chest, and go tanning." I probably won't, but still, thought I'd tell you that it is recognized to have value during these dark months. :)

    so NOT cool said...

    I haven't been tanning in years, including in the *real* sun, but oh! I remember those tanning bed naps. Then, along came the stand-up tanning beds, which ruined it for me.

    I need a nap now.

    Circus Kelli said...

    Jenn - Thank you. :)

    Susie - I appreciate that, thanks.

    So Cool - They do have stand up tanning booths there, but I can't sleep standing up. :)

    Ortizzle said...

    A tan nap sounds like just the ticket. "To tan perchance to sleep..."

    Nance said...

    I am so scary about the whole tanning bed issue, having unwisely basked for hours and hours during my vainest teen years, but often wonder if that little lift might be worth it. I am so very, very cold all of the time...

    Circus Kelli said...

    Ortizzle - Your comment made me giggle!! :)

    Nance - I understand! The office is a bit chilly most of the time, and a 20 minute nap/tan warms me for a good two hours. The lift is worth it too (to me, anyway).

    eclectic said...

    Easter-month is here, and that means flowers, and THAT means it has to get sunny now. YAY! And yay for naps, even if you have to go tanning to get one. (Although, with my pasty-white skin, I can't stay in those booths for more than 5 or 7 minutes without burning, not enough time to take a nap. So I just don't bother, because without a nap, what's the point?!)

    Cape Cod Claudia said...

    I am thankful for new blogger friends, like you. :) And reading about their worlds, and life, and seeing that someone's weather is crappier in their neck of the woods than mine. ;) HEH!

    a. beaverhausen said...

    Two things I don't like about March: 1) Wind 2) My birthday. That is all.

    Jen M. said...

    Amen - let's hear it for Spring.!!!!

    I love what you do with the pictures...love it.

    Laura VSea said...

    just beware of march madness! hope the kids don't get it, it's contagious. (g)

    I'm having a helluva time with goodreads. I can't keep up! ahhhhggg!
    I suppose I should get offline and go read a book instead of a b*l*o*g. ;)

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