Sunday Matinee

Buddy - Butterball - fat dog
Sweet Pea - Airplane Pilot, other dogs
Punkin - Airplane pilot, dog

What I Say
Today we are going to put on a short show. It is a clip from SNOWBUDDIES!!

In this show, we have three stars! Let's see them!

Butterball, played by Buddy
Now since this play has lots of parts, these people have two parts

Airplane pilot and dogs played by Sweet Pea.

Airplane co-pilot and one dog played by Punkin.

Now, let's see that play!

Take your places!

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1


Butterball: (curled up on chair, asleep)
Other dogs: "Don't pull his paw!"

Airplane pilot: "Oh man! Did you cut the cheese?!"
Airplance Co-pilot: "Hey, whoever smelt it, dealt it, Buddy!"

(Cast dissolves into laughter)

End scene

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
This is what the little clowns worked on this morning in the time between when they woke up, and when we woke up. Punkin wrote down the segments above so they wouldn't forget their lines.

The little clowns have been watching SnowBuddies in the van last week (and more than likely this week, too). I only get to listen to the movie, and have never seen it. As a result, I've suddenly started calling the clowns "Buddies", with Buddy suddenly becoming "Bud-Bud." I may have to insist on a change of movie by the end of the week...


crazymumma said...

the wee budding thespians.


how good is that?

Anonymous said...

A fart from the heart is a good start !

Susie said...

"Whoever smelt it dealt it." I'm going to save that for a Sunday Post.

Claudia said...

ROFL! That's beautiful. Sounds like you've been in my house. ;)

eclectic said...

Wow Kelli! As the Narrator, you have a LOT to memorize! Best get busy.

Maddy said...

Oh dear me yes, I can relate to this so much! Mine have just watched 'air buddies!' eeek! I know what you mean about never having seen the film and yet the torture of those phrases is ever present.

Laura said...

I miss, miss, miss the shows that my girls used to put on for us when they were little! You'll have great memories from this one. I just hope you don't smell the memories as well.. LOL

Circus Kelli said...

CrazyMum - Totally good.

Anony - Hee hee!

Susiekins - Please do!

Claudia - Or you've been to mine.

Eclectic - Actually "I" in this case was Punkin. :)

Maddy - Cheers to you!

Laura - Thankfully, it was just a stage fart. ;)

petit elefant said...

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