Circus Life Moments

Phrases heard around the big top and work the past week, in no particular order...

If you're going to keep barking, you'll have to go into the playroom.

Mom, I broke my leg.

Does your foung teel funny?

I want you to clean my butt up.

Dad's coming! Act like good children!

It looks like a really big carrot!

That's the biggest poop I've ever seen.

You can't be a plumber, you don't have the butt for it.

Mom, you 'diculous!

Of course, this could just be a bunch of horseshit.

Based on our intelligence of which we have very little.

It's not like "Whoa, we fixed world hunger."

This just in:


Ortizzle said...

Fab and funny, every one. My faves are the spoonerism and ... probably number 1. I think I have been barking too much lately. Time to play!

Doug said...

C'n I come join your circus ?
Hard to guess exactly who said what -- witeh a Buddy an a Hubby on deck and three off the wall women in the mix, too boot.

Nance said...

I hear WAAAAAAAAAAAY too much barking over here at the Dept.

And no, we have no dogs.

Circus Kelli said...

Ortizzle - I have a feeling I've been barking too much lately, too.

Doug - C'mon over! We have plenty of room for another clown! :)

Nance - I don't have any dogs either! :)

eclectic said...

One of my favorite bumper stickers says, "Wag more. Bark less." Perhaps you should put it on your fridge?

Anyway, whoever heard of cranky clowns? I'm not buyin' it... I think they're darling, and hysterical!

Circus Kelli said...

E - I think I need a time out... and spellcheck.

Bone Machine said...

It seems like butts and their by-products were something of a recurring theme.

I won't ask.

There's also an Aerosmith song with the line "The reason a dog has so many friends, it wags its tail instead of its tongue." It's probably an old saying that they ripped off, but what the heckle and jeckle.

WILLIAM said...

I always look forward to Mondays and I only have two.

Circus Kelli said...

Bone - I'm hoping someday to not have to be so concerned with my children's B.M.s.

William - I hear ya. :)

gigglepotamus said...

oh, really, william? you are so BUSTED!! well, we can't wait for Mondays, either!

and the biggest poop comment is heard around here quite regularly, especially as of late...

thelairoftheplatypus said...

Poop conversations are always funny, but 'diculous is now officially my new favourite word!

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