I'm considering throwing myself off the nearest park bench *

This week has been... well, a week. Good times, bad times, busy times, slow times. I've written a couple of rambling blog posts and deleted them. Stuff is going on, but none of it seems post-worthy... and I'm only going to post this if I can work it into some sort of schlock that either makes sense or... something.

It could be Cabin Fever. Maybe it's Spring Fever. Who knows? This week, I've been beyond tired most days for reasons unknown. It's insane and I blame the time change completely for my utter lack of energy. My lack of energy and focus and impaired ability (more greatly impaired than usual) to formulate and communicate coherent thoughts) has not gone unnoticed by coworkers. Each day this week, a different coworker has looked at me and asked "Are you ok?", which I'm starting to hear as "What is WRONG with you?!", to which I just reply "I'm fine" because any honest answer or further elaboration would clearly indicate otherwise... and I doubt anyone would be willing to send me home (and still pay me for a full day's work) because of it.

Um, what were we talking about?

Mother Nature celebrated the first day of Spring here by dumping about seven inches of snow on us. It was fabulous. I'm lying. Thankfully, the sun came out pretty strong the following day, and the warmer temps melted the snow on the streets and sidewalks. Really though, can we be done with the snow already? Seriously.

On a whim last weekend, I began cleaning out my desk area at home, sorting through all kinds of old paperwork, and reorganizing. My dining room table is littered with piles of paperwork (and one great big garbage bag full of it) that still needs to be sorted.

Wednesday night, I announced to the Hubby that I would be doing as little as possible when I came home from work. Usually, this means "I'll be sitting down after dinner has been cooked, cleaned up, lunches have been made, laundry has been done, the house has been straightened, and the kids are in bed."

Wednesday night, however, it meant "We're eating cooked frozen pizza for dinner. I will be lounging on the couch with my eyes closed while they cook. After dinner, I will again retire to the couch and will not get up until I absolutely have to. There will be a half-hearted attempt by me to get the children into bed, and I will once again park my behind on the couch until bed time."

Instead of feeling rested and recharged the following morning, I was still completely tired... AND, the house looks like a bomb hit it. Dishes in the sink, paperwork on the counters, crumbs on the table, toys all over the living room, pillows and blankets strewn about the family room, and laundry exploding out of the hamper.

Upon returning home Thursday night, I put a bit more energy into making dinner, did my best to clean up the house, and worked on taming Laundry Mountain, thereby putting the house back into some semblance of order. Sometimes, returning order to the house will return order to my head -- allow me to feel rested and relaxed when I wake up, as well as focused and competent during my waking hours... or, at least better than I have been recently.

And then, maybe someday... I'll conquer the world.

I'm so very glad the sun was out today. Very, very glad.

Um, what were we talkin about?

* The mass hysteria sent an entire family of lemmings running in fear. When they weren't able to find a cliff, they threw themselves off a park bench. -- From the Externally Flameless Mommyvan Movie Of The Week: "Chicken Little"


BB said...

Gee what is it husband's do when they get home from work?

Circus Kelli said...

Heh, BB, Hubby's been working on finishing off the basement in his "spare time." Of course, once that's done, it's done... unlike laundry... ;)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Putting the house back in order definitely helps. Of course, having help helps too. I hope your "out of sorts" gets sorted out soon.

eclectic said...

Oh dear. I relate all too closely with this, park bench and all. Hope the weekend brings you some time to relax and recharge!

Claudia said...

I call it Spring fever. :)Cut yerself some slack, hon. (hugs)

Nance said...

We still have our Easter/Spring snow on the ground and our bigass snowblower pile leftover from the LAST blizzard is in permanent residence on the deck. I am dreadfully sick of snow and feeling suicidal. I'm on "Spring" break right now, and the forecast is mid-thirties all week. Sigh. I feel you, girlfriend, I feel you.

Circus Kelli said...

Jenn - It did, thank you. :)

Eclectic - It did indeed. Thank you!

Claudia - Thank you for the reminder. :)

Nance - Cheers. It'll be warmer someday... right?

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