Random Sampling

AB over at Apathy Lounge challenged me (well, not just ME) to take a "random sampling" photo and post it.

I meant to take a photo of my dining room table before I cleaned it off today, but I forgot. I can show you a picture of an empty dining room table, but what's interesting about that?

I was also going to take another random sample photo of my kitchen, but *shudder*, I thought better of it.

Instead, here is a small random sample photo of my desk at home:

Leftish to rightish:
  • A picture I intend on hanging somewhere in our home once we someday get around to painting and decorating our first floor. I like the colors in this picture.
  • My purse (with a packet of gum sticking out) is sitting in front of the picture
  • Paper plate bunny made by Sweet Pea is in front of my purse
  • Lame yellow ducky -- lame because I need to sew both of her wings back on
  • Glasses case and a pair of sunglasses. If the sunglasses were in the case, I would forget about them completely. They're not my sunglasses, I don't know where they came from. I found them when I cleaned out the cabinet above my desk.
  • Magic eight ball
  • License plate that used to live on my first brand new car, a whole lifetime ago.
  • The little pouch we keep the digital camera and accessories in.
  • My keyboard, monitor, flash drive and paper and pipecleaner flower made by Punkin.
  • A DVD of "National Treasure" which I keep meaning to watch.
  • Paper and bead shamrock bracelet (on the corner of my monitor), made my Sweet Pea.
  • Award received from my one and only paying client for my "website design business."
  • Up on the cabinet is a picture Sweet Pea drew of Buddy, and the picture of the kids with Santa from last Christmas.

  • Ok... I've shown you mine... show me your random sampling!


    so NOT cool said...

    I love photos of people's personal spaces. On Flickr, my favorite photo groups is "corners of my home".

    Thanks for sharing.

    Claudia said...

    Magic eight ball! GODS! I used to love mine!!!! I need to get me a new one!!!! YEAHHHHH! Thanks for THAT 80's memory. ;)

    eclectic said...

    Happy, Hoppy Easter, Circus Family!!!

    WILLIAM said...

    Hope you had a good easter.

    Your desk...clean.

    Nance said...

    I have the Taco Bell version of the Magic 8 Ball on my desk at school, which I call the Magic Dog Butt. (It's that annoying chihuahua sitting down with the 8 Ball guts inside.) The funny thing is, IT HAS NEVER BEEN WRONG. My students approach it with incredible seriousness because they know of its uncanny accuracy; they close their eyes, hold it firmly, and ask the question carefully. That thing has predicted prom dates, test scores, college admission, even pregnancy. It's just effing SCARY.

    Lynn said...

    I wish my desk was that clean. Mine looks like something exploded on it. *sigh* At least S's room looks nice. :-)

    Circus Kelli said...

    SoCool - Thank YOU! :)

    Claudia - Heh, you are SO welcome. :)

    Eclectic - Hoppy Easter to you all, too!

    William - I did, did you? And yeah, my desk may be clean, but you should see the dining room table now... yikes.

    Nance - That's crazy cool. :)

    Lynn - My desk is clean now, but it won't stay that way... When will we see pics of S's room?? :)

    Ortizzle said...

    I love the magic 8 ball. Even now that I need my progressive lenses to read, "yes, no, no way in hell, sources say it is not so..."

    As for the rest: very charming, but your desk is far too clean. Which just reinforces my thoughts of never photographing a table in my house, lol.

    Lynn said...

    I might get off my butt and take a photo of it. :-)

    Jenny, the Bloggess said...

    That is so way cleaner than any desk of mine.

    Circus Kelli said...

    Ortizzle - A new dining room pic is up.

    Lynn - Hee, don't hurry on my account.

    Jenny - Maybe so, but you should see my dining room table...

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