I was a good Mom for about a half an hour this past week.

I had the opportunity to be the "Mystery Reader" for Sweet Pea's kindergarten class.

At the appointed date and time, her teacher met me outside the classroom and told me to wait for her to count to three before I made my entrance.

When I walked into the classroom, about 20 little cross-legged kids all looked at me hopefully before realizing I wasn't "their" mystery reader. My eyes searched out Sweet Pea in the small crowd. When she realized it was me, she popped up and ran at me, jumping up on me with her enthusiastic greeting. It looked to me like she was almost going to cry.

The teacher instructed me to sit down in the rocking chair, while all the kids shifted around to see the book. I was a bit nervous and did my best to push that aside and read slowly, with inflection, making sure the kids were able to see the pictures. Whenever I looked up and saw the grin on Sweet Pea's little face, I just had to smile in response.

The book was barely finished when Sweet Pea was in my lap, holidng the book, posing for the customary "Mystery Reader" photo. All too soon, it was time for me to go. I was surprised to find that I wanted to stay.

As I was leaving Sweet Pea's room, I glanced into the school library and saw Punkin. She waved at me and I walked over to her to get a great, big hug. Since I was in no hurry to leave, I spent a couple of minutes helping her pick out a couple of library books. A couple more hugs and kisses and it was time for me to go.

I was smiling as I climbed into the externally flameless Mommyvan, feeling happy, light, a thousand times better than I felt when I arrived at the school. I did my best to carry that feeling with me for the rest of the day. The smile that was plastered on my heart, and the grin that was stuck to my face -- that was the best I was ever going to feel.


Sharkey said...

Oh come on--SURELY you got more than 30 minutes of good Mom time in! I bet your kids would say so even if you don't feel that way yourself.

I can imagine the look on Sweet Pea's face when she saw you--so cool!

Ortizzle said...

Well, I'm with Sharkey, I am certain you also get more than 30 minutes of good Mom time. But, as good Mom time goes, that would be at the top of the charts. :-))

Nance said...

Sigh. I'm remembering those Golden Moments when Jared and Sam were little...seems very, very long ago.

eclectic said...

Ah... the sweet, fleeting moments when you are certain you've done it right. As a mom, we get waaaaaaay too few of them, so they're to be savored for sure!! I love the idea of "Mystery Reader" and am going to propose it to Carter's preschool teacher immediately. That's awesome!!

a. beaverhausen said...

Reading aloud? Multiply that half hour by how many kids' days were impacted by your reading and we're talking much more than 30 minutes. Much more.

WILLIAM said...

A great post to read on Monday Morning.

Dragonfly said...

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks being a Mom is pretty effin' wonderful. :) You're the best!!!

Circus Kelli said...

Sharkey - It WAS cool!

Ortizzle - Very top of the charts. :)

Nance - ((Hugs))

Eclectic - Very sweet; all too fleeting.

AB - I hadn't thought of it that way. Thanks!

Hi, William!

DD - Being a Mom surely does have it's moments, doesn't it? :)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

What a great tradition. I'm sure she'll remember it always.

crazymumma said...

There is nothing like the delight on their faces when you come and volunteer. I love it.

Effie said...

happy day before the Easter holiday weekend! Hugs to you!

eclectic said...

Hi Thircus Kelli!! I jutht thtopped by to thay hi, becauthe I'm mithin' you THO much!!!! Happy Thurthday!!

Lynn said...

Aw. This makes me think of my littlest. She says she still misses me sometimes when she's at school. What a nice story, Kelli.

Claudia said...

Stopping by to show some love...:)

Bone Machine said...

Happy Benito Juarez's birthday!

Hola y adios

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