Friday, there was an earthquake

No kidding. Apparently, a 5.2 earthquake shook West Salem, IL. (West Salem, IL is about 315 miles South of where I am) The quake was felt far and wide.

Apparently, it initially happened around 4:37am. I didn't feel that, but then again, I was asleep. Not much rouses me from sleep, and only then if it says "Mom?" first... and that's not a guarantee either.

However, around 10:20am, my chair and workstation/desk (gotta love cubicle furniture) felt like it was moving a bit. I looked at my Coke and could see it moving in the bottle as I sat at my desk. About that time, my boss came out of his office to ask me if I felt the tremor, too.


Did you feel today's earthquake?

Have you ever been in an earthquake?


Nance said...

It was felt in some parts of OH, but not near me. Which is just as well. I've been so crabby, I probably would have blamed it on my students and given them yet another reason to fear me this week. Gotta love those hormones.

WILLIAM said...

Stay safe.

apathy lounge said...

Never felt an earthquake. Tornado? Yes...this is Texas. And all that stuff about how it sounds like a train coming down on you? Absolutely true.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

The quake was also felt here in Louisville and, according to friends, in Cleveland, Ohio, too.

Bone Machine said...

It shook me right out of my beauty sleep. This is definitely not the way to start the day.

I need a little more geography between Owensboro and an epicenter next time.

Claudia said...

We don't earthquakes here, but we get hurricanes. My father was in an earthquake in Cali one year, knocked him off the breakfast stool. I don't think I care to experience anything like that, thank you. Glad YOU are OK!!!!

Circus Kelli said...

Nance - I have a love/hate relationship my with hormones. So does my Hubby, come to think of it...

William - Will do.

Apathy - I've never been in a tornado. They scare me.

SSN - Glad you're safe.

Bone - Amen, that.

Claudia - I'll take a big bowl of "no thank you" on that, too! :)

Annejelynn said...

WOWZERS? In Illinois?

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