Because I don't have quite enough adventure in my life, I took all three clowns to the shoe store the other night while Hubby stayed home and put the finishing touches on painting the basement. If you've never been shoe shopping with three children aged 10 and under, well, you're just missing out on the excitment, my friend.

Punkin kept going over to the aisle that held shoes in her size, and coming back with cute shoes that fit nicely and were priced accordingly, then nearly stomping off in a pout when I asked her to find something else, while Sweet Pea refused to try on anything I picked out for her. Sweet Pea and Buddy kept finding shoes that were not in their size, asking my opinion, then asking me to put the shoes back on the shelf for them while I was trying to locate a pair of shoes that they might like, that were in my price range, that were in their size. I understand now why some mothers put their children on those "leashes" I've seen. (Although, if Sweet Pea and Buddy were both on leashes, they would probably succeed in wrapping around and restraining me while they ran amock in the store.) Those little people are fast... and grabby... and easily distracted by pretty shoes. (I have NO idea where they got that from)

Thankfully, I was able to find them each a pair of gym shoes and a pair of sandals for summer before I did a little shoe-hunting for my own self. Ah... so many cute shoes, so little time and money and outfits to match...

About ninety minutes, two trips to the "Employee Only" bathroom, and countless pairs of shoes tried on and discarded later, the three clowns and I had settled for decided on four pairs of gym shoes, four pairs of sandals, and three pairs of flip-flops. (What? The store was having a buy one pair, get one pair half off sale...)

The clowns were so pleased with their new shoes, the each wanted to wear one of their new pairs out of the store. It was getting to be half-passed their standard bedtime, so the clowns were beginning to get a wee bit more wound up (and I didn't think that was possible). Getting them to focus on what I was saying, and getting them to calm down and quit zipping around the store in their new shoes proved to be a feat (heh) in itself.

"Mom! Look! I mixed up the shoes!"

"Greaaattt. I'm sure the high-schooler who works the floor will be dazzled with your product display organizational skills."

Thankfully, blackmail still works.
"Whoever is not listening will not be getting new shoes tonight."

Back in the externally flameless Mommyvan, Buddy started fussing about having to go to bed when we arrived back home. I wonder how long I can use "If you don't behave, I'll take those shoes right back to the store!"


Sharkey said...

"Whoever is not listening will not be getting new shoes tonight."

Ha--I love it! My sister is in about the same boat with her kids right now, I think. We rented a double-wide stroller at Disney World last week (for the 5- and 9-year-olds--SO worth it, even for the older one). Her line: "You fight, you walk."

eclectic said...

My daughter was about two or three, and she'd say: "O-tay Mommy. I being hayve." Of course it's now a family joke, but I still think it's about the cutest response ever to the parental admonition to "behave."

Congrats on all the new footwear! May their feet grow slowly until the shoes wear out. ;)

so NOT cool said...

Shoe shopping!! I love shoes, but oh! I don't much care for shopping. That said, I am desperately in need of a few new pairs for spring/summer.

Have a good weekend!!

David said...

I used to dread the trips to the employee bathroom with Dan. I made a point of checking out the store first

Bone Machine said...

Do they have a bar set up for frazzled parents in these establishments?

Claudia said...

The only time I like to go shoe shopping is when it's for me. Is that selfish? It is. Isn't it. Ah well. I'm entitled.

Annejelynn said...

shoe shopping for the boys has become a favorite activity... I love how overwhelmed they both look as we enter the store... and while they wander, utterly bewildered, I go straight to the right sizes and pick out the exact pairs they will end up buying... but I wait to share my finds, and let them flounder a bit first, so that they're actually grateful when I present the perfect pair ~ tee hee

Brudder doug said...

Every time I need shoes I end up being led by my lady to Pay Less and end up getting what I want.

So - - - - did you have to take any shoes back ? ? ?

crazymumma said...

I think your time is up with that one. that threat. i think they will laugh in your face and pitch shoes in your general direction.

ahhh. bribery and threats. We live the dream.

Ortizzle said...

Sounds like Happy Feet to me. :-)

Nance said...

tell me right now that you got those heels.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

My husband joined us for shoe shopping once. Once was more than enough!

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