Thursday, it rained

Or at least kick it really hard.

The rain will pass
All you can do is wait it out
Open up your umbrella
Take a deep breath
Put on some cool boots
And go about your business
Until the sun comes out again


David said...

I miss my orange slicker raincoat and hat I had when I was 5. I had "wellington" boots (black of course) to go with it. I loved the rain days. I could wear my "cool" rain gear

eclectic said...

Yay --it'th Thurthday!! I don't know anything about rain, having grown up in Colorado where it virtually never rained. So, you're on your own in that regard, but at leatht it'th Thurthday!!! Thmile!!!

Brudder doug said...

Cool Boots
Bool Coots
Loob Stooc

Guess COOL BOOTS has it Sis !

Lynn said...

I know of some chocolate boots that would go especially well.
Much more attractive than the combat boots I bought last week, but I bought them because of that last bit you wrote. If I can't handle something, I do want to be able to kick it pretty good.

Circus Kelli said...

David - I remember some red rubber boots that I used to wear when I was a kid.

Eclectic - Thankth! I thmiled!

Brudder - Yeth, they do! :)

Lynn - Combat boots are excellent.

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