Thursday Rambling

This is a long, rambling post -- more of a brain dump, really. There's a summary at the end if you'd rather not read the long, rambly detail. There should be another post up sometime on Thursday. Consider yourself warned.

May 2 I will take my CAP - Certified Administrative Professional - exam. If I pass this exam, I can add CPS/CAP after my name on my business cards. It looks good on a resume, and it looks good for my boss (the President of the company) to have that following my name, as his assistant.

Until May 2, I'm mostly studying and trying to ignore the big stack of books I have at home. I'm also trying not to be tempted to borrow any books from the library right now. It's difficult though because I hear the books calling to me when we make our (now) weekly trip to the public library.

Today was Administrative Professional's Day. A small group of managers invited the four of us who fall into the "assistant" category out to lunch today. It was a nice gesture, and a tasty lunch. I did my best to dress the part, but the "chic professional" look I was going for landed smack in "sloppy airline attendant" instead. (I love my navy skirt and heels, but I always feel a bit "stewardessy" when I wear them.)

I'm consoled, however, with the fact that tomorrow I will be in Mommyland, and not in the office. Our oldest, Punkin, his having some teeth pulled in preparation for a "holding arch" which is in preparation for the braces she will eventually get. (Unfortunately for her, she inherited her Mommy's big teeth and small jaw -- I've already apologized to her... and written the first of many checks to the orthodontist.) Tomorrow I will be speding the day at home with Punkin, who has recently informed us she wants to join band next year.

The weather has been lovely the past few days, and it looks as though it will continue to be that way tomorrow as well. I'm looking forward to being home in a quiet house, having the windows open to the breeze. Studying on the deck sounds like a fabulous idea, doesn't it? I could even nap out there in the sunshine... that is, if the carpet guys finish early enough. We're in (ok, Hubby is in) the home stretch of finishing off the basement. Once the carpet is delivered, we can order furniture so we don't have to sit on lawn chairs to watch television any more.

In summary,
  • I am and will be studying for the next week or so. After that, I can read for fun again. Woo!
  • I was taken out to lunch for Administrative Professionals' Day
  • I feel very schlumpy today. Tomorrow, I will be comfortably schlumpy at home, while watching over the less-toothful ten year old and studying. Either in the house, or out on the deck. Or maybe napping... either in the house or out on the deck.
  • Carpet will be installed in the basement tomorrow.
  • Punkin wants to join the band.
  • Sweet Pea wants to dye her hair pink and purple.
  • Buddy still hasn't mastered the art of pooping on the potty.

    eclectic said...

    Oh, poor Punkin!! It'll be okay though, because she's at least ahead of me. I had 5 teeth pulled for braces at age 12, and then the rest of my adult teeth didn't come in enough so they couldn't put the braces on until I was a sophomore in high school!!!

    It's good you're staying home with her -- those simple things say alot to a child about how important s/he is. Give her a hug from me, please.

    Good luck on the CPS/CAP test!!

    Sharkey said...

    Hey, wait a minute! Those last two bullet points weren't in the main part of the post! But then again, I'm not sure how much detail I need about Buddy and his pooping patterns. :)

    Good luck with the teeth pulling, and with the test.

    WILLIAM said...

    So in Summary..you are busy.

    Are you going to have "Name the Band Contest"?

    crazymumma said...

    Yup. our girls have jaws that make our orthodontist smile.

    good luck with all this. A busy time for you!

    Annejelynn said...

    adventurous hair color is the gateway body-decor to piercings ya know... be careful with that one (j/k - - from the 33 yr old w/ pink hair)

    Good luck on your May 2nd exam! You'll ace it!

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