Monday Morning

"Mom, I said I not gonna hug you. You have to cry now."

* giggles from Sweet Pea because she "tricked me" *

"Mom! Look how good I brushed my teeth this morning!"
"That's great honey. Why are you still in your pajamas?"

"Mom, what plus four?"

* giggles from Buddy because he "tricked me" *

"Anyone who isn't dressed in ten minutes will NOT get a donut."

"Mom, I don' wanna go to school." (said to me in his classroom at school)


David said...

6 days between posts? The clowns have you running? I miss your wit and wisdom of life under the big top!

crazymumma said...

its those converstations that make you want to run dwon the street pulling your hair out.

The same conversations you will miss when they slump sullenly into teenhood.

Claudia said...

LMAO! There is nothing better than Zsa attempting to do math. "I know what one plus equals, mom." Oh yeah? Wow me kiddo. ;)

eclectic said...

Wait, I was dressed in WAAAAAAAAAAY less than 10 minutes. Where's m'damn donut??

Bone Machine said...

For a donut, I think I could trim my dressing time down to a minute and a half. With an extra two minutes, I might even put on pants.

Circus Kelli said...

David - I know! I'm a slacker!

CrazyMumma - Yeah, I know...

Claudia - You know it.

Eclectic - There's a donut here with your name on it.

Bone - The donut is yours. Please put your pants on.

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