And... we're back!

After several days of particularly stormy weather -- wind, rain, hail and flooding in some spots North of us -- we finally see some sunshine again!

click image for larger version

The view from my office window

THIS is how I feel today!

How are you?

- - - - - -
Hey! What do you see from your windows?
Post a pic on your blog and let me know!


thelairoftheplatypus said...

I love the view from your office - I will try and take a picture of mine tomorrow so you can see what I see every day. In fact, I think you should issue a challenge and get everyone to post a picture of what they see from their windows so that we can all see it. :)

Circus Kelli said...

Platy - Great idea! Consider it done!

so NOT cool said...

Very sunny and warm today, and despite the fact I usually hate sunny and warm, I'm liking it. Big time.

Circus Kelli said...

So Cool - I'm not big on "very warm", but there was a lovely breeze today, wasn't there? Hardly felt like 82 at all.

apathy lounge said...

Surprisingly unstressed today. I'm sure that it will change soon, though.

Mama Zen said...

So far, so good!

I'll post a pic tomorrow!

WILLIAM said...

You have a great view.

Claudia said...

Sun. We have sun too. It's beautiful here today!!!

** hugs **

Circus Kelli said...

Apathy Lounge - Oh! I hope that doesn't change!

Mama Zen - Cool! Lemme know when you've posted. :)

William - I got lucky.

Claudia - YAY!!!

kcinnova said...

Yesterday's view is on my blog. I'm currently working on an attitude ajustment post for tomorrow.
Glad to hear you haven't been displaced by weather tragedies. Reading and seeing them break my heart today.

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